Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father


Thanks, Pope. Dan did that for a bunch of these, but it looks like he forgot this time.

Minor quibble: The boy in the second story, Zachary, was killed by his mother and his mother's boyfriend. His bio dad is not in the picture.
It's interesting how the focus on genital inventory can be an insult to all who raise children, including we 'straights'. As if, my wife's girly parts are more critical - or have any impact - to my kid's well-being than is my wife's intelligence, wisdom, and determination.
The advertising agent at Liberty Council needs to look up the definition of irony. After advocating that those who are allowed to marry should be regulated, they have the moxie to say, "For Limited Government," at the end.
Added Child Haven, Pope -- thanks for the reminder. Will make a donation today.
The "natural family" is under attack? Are the gays to blame that half of all first children in the US are now born outside marriage? http://www.cbsnews.com/news/almost-half-…
I think it is time for a campaign that says "Every child deserves a loving parent."
@7 I agree with you. Children need at least one loving and caring parent. The Ozzie and Harriet days are gone with two attentive parents with one living at home full time caring for the family. These are republican pipe dreams! The republicans are living in the past on almost every issue that confronts our society today. Birth control, immigration, gay rights, gun control, health coverage to name a few. No party is perfect but if the republicans regain control of any part of Govt. we are in for a lot of trouble.
@4: Exactly.

@5: "Are the gays to blame that half of all first children in the US are now born outside marriage?" Right - all those gays who, after a night of drunken debauchery, discover they have somehow, miraculously, procreated.
That last story breaks my heart. After pushing myself far too hard at work while concurrently catching a bug a few years ago, I ended up with pneumonia. Even with aggressive medical treatment once I finally admitted to myself how sick I was, it was MISERABLE. I spent two days in the hospital with frequent breathing treatments and lots of pain. Those poor babies suffered very, very badly, and those "parents" deserve far worse than probation and a barely enforced order to actually get care for their kids when they're sick. Like, perhaps, an untreated case of pneumonia. If they ever, once, had to gasp painfully to breathe, it might just change their minds a little.
@7 I agree.

Also with Dan, on the extreme patience required to be a loving-at-all-times parent.
No reason for the "can be" - mothers and fathers, or same sex parents ARE great. There's no test, no governing commission handing out grades. The good parents don't make the news, the sociopaths and bad apples do.
Marry young, otherwise it's exhausting, and have as many kids as you want. Just because parts of the planet are overpopulated doesn't negate the fact that some societies are not keeping up a 2.5% fertility rate and nobody wants a society with scarcity of hearing children playing outside.
@4: Yeah, I was a little WTF about that. They seem to use words without understanding their meaning.

@12: "Marry young, otherwise it's exhausting"
You're actually better off NOT marrying young as you suggest. People who marry young are more likely to end up divorced: http://www.jstor.org/discover/10.2307/35…
And of course comments are disabled on the video.
That was just as creepy and nonsensical as a $cientololgy video.
I've just watched the video. Hmm...

It's interesting to see that they have such confidence in their message that they've disabled comments under the video.

I find the last bit - "One man, one woman, for children, for society, for limited government" interesting. So, you want to limit the power that government can have.... and you want the government to have the power to tell us who can and cannot have children. Right.

Oh, and the man sitting at the table with his family at 0:12? Definitely a murderer and probably a paedophile.
@16 : Why, do you know who that man is ?
I often wonder how single parents feel about this constant drumbeat. So many people divorce due to abuse and addictions, and non-consensual non-monogamy. Just what are these nutcases suggesting? "An abusive two-parent home is better than a single parent home?"
@17 - He just has that overly-wholesome, wealthy church-leader thing going on. He really is inordinately creepy.

I know I shouldn't judge people on appearances. But if Liberty Counsel is going to judge people on their sexuality, I feel perfectly comfortable in saying that the wholesome-church-leader type looks to me like a murderer and a paedophile.
@16, 19: Your appearance-based judgment is spot on. He looks kind of like Alec Baldwin, adding to his aura of violence.