I don't think Palin could get elected to go to the store for a quart of milk in Alaska these days.
I disagree. It would be a great gig for her. She could draw a salary, "write" her bestsellers, raise campaign cash, go on junkets, and come in to vote every few months.
Well, on the plus side, she'd probably only last about two years before resigning anyway...
She'd have to actually WORK if she got elected. She won't do that. Working isn't her thing.
Ugh, her again!? The job doesn't pay enough for her hillbilly fabulous lifestyle. I await the day when she's selling Quilted Northern asshole comfort for the Koch brothers.
She'd have to actually WORK if she got elected.

Paul, being a U.S. senator is the greatest gig in American politics. Even Sarah Palin couldn't fuck it up... okay, well, she probably couldn't. Well, it's probably the one job she might have a chance of not fucking up. You know what I mean.
Alaskans have ambivalent feelings about her at best, no matter how much face time she gets on Fox. Don't see her winning an election
If the Alaskan's are stupid enough to vote for her, then they deserve what they get. Nothing.

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