"How Much of a Music Snob Are You?"


Buzzfeed surveys make me pine for the insight and accuracy of Cosmo surveys.
I know you know who Nardwuar is.
According to Google Trends, searches for phrase mosh pit over the last 10 years are pretty much stable.

Unlike most of those surveys, they didn't put a whole lot of thought into the results. Myself and everyone I've seen had got the same feedback and stock photo of an annoyed looking nerdy Asian woman. I don't know if this was like a personal validation thing or if they simply ran out of ideas, but I was really hoping for more. I was really hoping they'd call some of us out for being pompous jerks and wasting our lives, you know?
127 clicks on "Avoided going to see a band in a large venue" and zero on everything else.
I got 69. The only reason I took it is I couldn't resist the four "phase" section. I went through all four of those phases, and I felt the test should be rewarded for nailing me.
all of these surveys are a market research wet dream. they now know your facebook ID and how often you log on, your favorite soda, how many times a year you go to concerts, whether you prefer long or short socks, the last time you ate a steak, and how much money you spend on car stereos. also, how willing your "friends" are to take a dumb survey after you take tell them you took it.

all of that so you could "find the true color of your aura".
"You checked off 30 out of 100 on this list!
You’re a major music nerd, and most people in your life consider you to be an expert. You’re very committed, but there’s some lines you don’t cross."

If I took this a long time ago in my 20's, I probably would have doubled the total; I'm much more tolerant of other peoples taste in my middle age. A lot of interesting questions.
#7: Everyone knows this already. Who cares what advertisers know about my tastes? Facebook is one big targeting marketing tool. There's nothing especially shocking about that. I generally avoid buzzfeed, but no one is taking these tests believing they have any real merit--everyone knows exactly why they're there: cheap entertainment and marketing demographics.
er "targeted marketing."
I really don't get this contempt for other people's favorite music thing that supposedly all the snobs have. Yes, I have records on Soul Jazz, and dozens of other labels that make Soul Jazz look like Sony (and I know who Nardwuar is), but I don't get the one-upmanship -- and I honestly don't encounter it much in my geek circles. We like records because they're good, not because they're obscure. I think the author of this piece is a pretty crappy music nerd.
I think it was pretty tongue in cheek to be honest. But yeah, snobs suck. Music lovers simply love music.
! got 1/100
@8, I got the same result. I think it's standards, as opposed to being a snob. I knew Peel and Christau, and loved WFMU when I was in New York.
@14---Ditto--Also liked WFMU growing up in NYC and read the music criticism of Christau and Bangs in the Village Voice