Questions About the HUMP! Tour


I love how clear-cut and absolute you guys are about privacy at HUMP! It's refreshing in this day and age.
Uh, cell phones are banned? Do you mean banned as in I can turn it off and keep it in my pants, or banned as in I have to leave it at home or otherwise My Precious will be pried from my hands and coat checked and possibly stolen or dropped?
I'm confused. "Don't Call Me Missy", calls herself Missy? Is she called Missy or not? Can we call her Missy?
I wondered about this too... and the answer is what I imagined.

@2 When I went last year they said that if they saw a cell phone in the screening room they would take it and they wouldn't give it back. Keeping it in your pants on vibrate is fine.
I had a first date with with a lady that I have been after for years for that showing. This was her favorite film of the bunch, and I kinda knew that we were not a match after she enthusiastically voted for it.
Also, if you take a date (even a first date) to HUMP! you are going to get laid.
I loved "Don't call me Missy", It showed me extreme power exchange could be intoxicatingly sexy.. Good luck on the adoption.
@2: They have volunteers in and around the audience looking for anyone with a phone or device out. Off and in your pants is fine. Can't wait for the first Glass wearer to claim persecution for being banned.
Gosh, thanks for the kind words! Glad that @7 and @5's date liked it!
– Mr. Missy
Sheesh, I may have to MOVE, if only I could afford it. Between your HUMP! festival and relaxed weed laws, Florida has little to offer by comparison. I'm gonna have to start playing the lottery...
Just bought my tickets for the NYC showing!

I've talked the porn-averse Mrs. Reader into going with me. I'm trying to stay positive about her somewhat reluctant consent, and hoping this isn't a mistake.
I went to the San Francisco screening (after years of posting that I hoped Dan would take it on the road to SF of all places). It was fantastic and I enthusiastically everyone who can to check it out. And yes, keep your phone in your pocket.

Your film was my absolute favorite of all time, absolutely brilliant. I only considered seeing this "greatest of" screening until I found that your film would not be included (though D and D orgy made it tempting).

Congratulations on your great life. Sad I won't see your film again, but lucky to have seen it once.