HA HA HA Rick Perry Wants to Rebrand as a "Seasoned Wise Man" HA HA HA


"... doesn't have a Creamsicle's chance in hell."

Nice turn of phrase. Might need to borrow it on occasion.
'Oops' Perry in 2016 - Because it takes wisdom to admit when you're wrong (on national television)

(if he really runs, can we please start calling him Oops Perry?)
After a few years, that oops has lost its fizz.
@3 That ooops will never lose its fizz.
Mmmmm... Creamsicles.
I'm still not sure why Perry's 2012 bid was deemed disastrous. 'Lovable idiot from Texas' has played very well for republicans in the past.
Just what we need. Another right wing Texas idiot like W. They grow 'em big in Texas.
Only for idiots like you Pheebs
You know it's bad when in Texas they refer to Dubya as 'the smart one.'
If Paul Ryan can be an expert with no budget plans and John McCain can be a Ukraine and Syria expert when he is so obviously on the payroll of munitions manufacturers, whose to say the networks won't play along with this?
Never underestimate the political appeal of a dumb fat white guy with a bouffant hairdo in this country. George W Bush was a punchline from the moment the first feelers for his candidacy hit the airwaves in 1998 -- look how that worked for us.

For a large number of voters in this country, stupid and tongue-tied is an asset.
@8: I didn't say that it wasn't a blunder. Good grief. There are blunders more memorable, like Gerald Ford saying there "is Soviet domination of eastern Europe."
Perry- Palin in 2016!
@12 er.... didn't the Soviets pretty much dominate eastern Europe during Gerald Ford's Presidency?

If not then what was all that hullabaloo about the fall of the Berlin wall during GHWB Presidency?
@11's right. Notice how many commercials feature fat dumb guys? It's because they're loveable. People want loveable. People have voted and will likely again vote for loveable. McCain wasn't loveable, nor was Romney; the Republicans won't make those mistakes again.
@14: Good catch - Thank you. Ford said "no domination of eastern Europe" which made it so devastating. I left out the "no" in my post.