Kshama Sawant on a $15 Minimum Wage: "Ultimately, the Decision Will Be Made By the City Council"


Good luck guys! I'll vote for it!
Obviously we need to compromise on $22 an hour with zero exemptions
Re-enact affirmative action is the next thing they want to tackle after $15 ? F....
Beautiful. Enough of the appointments to panels and commissions and that crap. There are some issues that really don't have two sides to them; being paid enough to pay rent and eat is one of them.
Oh my god! Councilmember Sawant, a Socialist, is being so unreasonable and divisive and just plain mean to all the hardworking small business owners and real live employers!

And the Stranger is just letting itself be her megaphone instead of having any integrity left!
@6 are you being sarcastic? Or are you being a tool?

Oh, come on! Really?

Just read the posts where Andrew Friedman, using the monicker "I'm Cool" stalks Anna and--excuse my language--whines like a little bitch. Also, someone signing in as "a real live employer" has been posting a lot of long-winded anti-Sawant, anti-$15 stuff. So yeah, I'm being quite sarcastic.
It's so refreshing to see a politician on the left who plays hardball.
Again, and to repeat, just too many Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce stooges on Murray's so-called commission.

These people are part of the problem, and will never be part of the solution.

@11 is correct - at least this time
@8 You know someone is "whining" when they use "divisive" as an insult and tack on phrases like "just plain mean" Also, be an adult and avoid using sexist expletives when you whine.