What a fucking idiot. It depresses me that there are still people like him in this country.
I love Cliven Bundy! He's boxed conservatives into a corner where they can't disclaim their true colors. They backed a law-breaking, anti-federalist who was surrounded by armed insurrectionists. I still can't believe all those jackasses who took up arms to defend the "rights" of a squatter weren't arrested for obstruction or treason. You can't claim to be for the constitution and for Cliven Bundy at the same time!

The fact that he turned out to be a total bigot is just icing on the cake!!! Conservatives aren't patriots - they're white separatists.
So if he's not racist, I assume he believes EVERYBODY would be better off in slavery?
I'd accept any logical explanation of why slavery would be better other than racism. He wants to have his cattle graze anywhere for free yet living with no self-control would be better than being a free person? He should volunteer to go to jail and do labor to pay off the $1m debt. This is Joe the Plumber again - a fake hero for the RNC Tea Party.
Someone buy that stupid, old racist bastard a t-shirt that reads "Welfare Queen" and hand him a mirror.
It's not OK to "explain why you don't think you're racist" either. If someone says you're hurting them, it's just escalating your abuse to say you're not actually hurting them.

You can 1) listen, apologize, and learn, or 2) if you don't care, ignore them (this makes you a bad person if you're in a position of privilege)
Seems like to conservatives, "being racist" means actually physically assaulting black people when you see them. It's a low bar.
@6 You're hurting me, Raku.
Monsieur Bundy should go be a slave for awhile, might give him some perspective.
@7 Defining down racism drives me crazy as well. Its a piece of the 'Fox Effect' to legitimize crackpot and antediluvian ideas.
I would be interested to know the provenance of the Bundy family ranch. If it turns out his ancestors got it from the U.S. Government, then — since he doesn't acknowledge its authority — the transaction is invalid, and he doesn't really own any of the land his cattle use.

I think blacks would be better off as hedge fund managers.

So would we all.


Not if they're wearing hoodies.
@13: Did you just watch The Pursuit of Happiness last night or something? God, you're stupid.
Please take note that two Washington legislators field tripped down to Nevada to support him.
This whole fiasco is actually kind of delicious to watch. Every day it seems to become more and more of a clusterfuck.
@16: Representative Matt Shea from Spokane Valley led the delegation of state legislators.
@18 - The OT reason Spokane Valley exists as a city was because they were scurred those libruls in Spokane proper would annex them and raise their taxes.

Obviously not much has changed.
*OT = only
I'm sure Mr. Bundy was just making a nuanced point about how far from our conception of "free" ex-slaves were immediately following abolition.
don't the "patriots" camped out with their arsenals have jobs they should be at? i'm trying to imagine the reaction is african-americans tried something even remotely similar.

oh, that's right, i don't need to imagine. MOVE got a fucking bomb dropped on them.
"Collectivism Suck" loves this guy!

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