This is just heartbreaking.
@2 -- So now the cause of "bad parenting" is the "living together out of wedlock"?

No. What "Danny" is saying is:
"Children need loving, fit, qualified, sane, and—speaking from experience here—infinitely patient parents".

@2's qualification requirements include none of those, since obviously "getting married" doesn't cure insanity, make you fit, give you patience, nor make you qualified.
Does anyone have rates for how often a birth mother changes her mind about adoption? I know that a teenage pregnancy ending in a successful option is very rare (around 1% of pregnancies) but I've never seen a study of how many girls start the process of adoption but end up not going through with it.

You must be new around here.

The children of parents who have those children after they marry, and stay married, turn out FAR FAR better by any and all measures than children raised any other way.

Everybody knows that.


Does Danny propose limiting parenting to "loving, fit, qualified, sane, and infinitely patient" people?

Who exactly will grade people to determine if they are loving, fit, qualified, sane, and infinitely patient?

And if people lose their loving, fit, qualified, sane, and infinitely patient mojo will their children be taken away?

Danny needs to flesh out his proposal.

Or maybe shut the fuck up.



has Frank Lombard been kicked out of the HomoSexual Adoptive Dads Club?
@2 "Shacking Up is MURDER on children."

Seriously? MURDER is MURDER on children. If you can't tell the difference between murdering and not murdering, seek help.
@8: Married competent parents present better outcomes than unmarried competent parents, but when incompetent/idiotic parents get married, there's not much improvement there, Mrs. DePointe.
ask gabriel.

incomeptent/idiots are much less likely to marry,
or marry because of an unplanned premarital pregnancy.

adoption, people; not shotgun weddings...

the fact is that "marriage" does not magically make good parents.

Traditional Heterosexual Marriage is a lifestyle (which includes monogamy, among other components...)
It is the lifestyle choices that make "Marriage" such a powerful force for good in society.

which is why giving a certificate to a pair of homosexuals does not create a social unit that conveys to society the benefits produced by Traditional Heterosexual Marriage.

Lipstick on Pigs and all.

and to the extent that society substitutes homoliberal deviancy for the True Tenets of Traditional Heterosexual Marriage (Monogamishit, anyone?) "marriage" will lose its power to better society.

which is what is becoming of the Late Great USA right before your eyes.
@13: Oh, so "Traditional Heterosexual Marriage" is a lifestyle that includes not only getting straight married, but also being a good parent and an upstanding citizen...according to YOU. (I'll leave aside for the moment the fact that you are talking out your ass and arbitrarily defining things so that they conform to your opinions.)
By your own acknowledgment/unsubstantiated assertion, people who are well-suited to parenthood and are capable of properly raising children are the ones who usually get married, and those who aren't tend not to get married except in the case of a shotgun wedding (which is an institution of "Traditional Heterosexual Marriage" if ever I saw one). Therefore, WANTING to get married, while not instantly making someone a good parent, demonstrates that they probably are already a good parent. So, why do you think homosexuals who want to get married are automatically bad parents? (Homosex being icky doesn't count.)
As for "the True Tenets of Traditional Heterosexual Marriage", what are they, exactly? Not that you know anything...

See, it all makes sense in your head as long as you don't think about it. Once you start wondering why you think those things you do, it doesn't take long for you to smell bullshit.
@13 "True Tenets of Traditional Heterosexual Marriage" - you know, that almost sounds like a real thing. Too bad it's just a foolish fancy. I rather like "homoliberal" as a coinage. Since the root "homo" means "same" and "liberal" means "favoring change," that coinage simultaneously showcases your ignorance and the depth of your fears. I pity people like you. You're terrified of anything you don't understand, but learning anything new also terrifies you. Thus, the one thing that could save you from your terror scares you to the point of paralysis, leaving you capable of nothing but howling meaningless insults at people who neither value your opinion nor wish to succor you in your time of need. You'll go through life shouting at the darkness, but in the end you'll die cowering in a cold, lonesome sweat.
"The couple said they were forced to return Gabriel to his birth mother days before signing the final adoption papers."

I don't understand--forced by whom? The government? The birth mother?
thank you for the insightful analysis.
worth every penny it cost.
you shouldn't have bothered.

Traditional Heterosexual Marriage.
not a foolish fancy.
the ideals defining the bedrock social institution that made America great.
we might assume you are playing ignorant and trolling but we guess someone born after the 1960s really might not have much of a clue about Traditional Heterosexual Marriage. like our ignorant friend @15.

What are the defining Ideals of Traditional Heterosexual Marriage?

The recognition that Marriage is a critical institution; critical to the wellbeing and prosperity of the family members and society. An institution people prepared themselves to enter, educating themselves with the skills necessary to provide for a family and run a household. An institution whose members sacrificed for the good of the whole, and in the process were enriched and fulfilled. Did we mention sexual fidelity? When shared by a husband and wife within the bounds of marriage a bond making the family stronger. (when indulged outside the bounds of marriage a powerful force ripping families, and societies, asunder) Did we mention gender? An institution that recognized the innate differences between males and females, that utilized the complementary capacities and aptitudes men and women bring to the marriage and family.

HomoLiberalsim rejects all of these ideals.

The word "marriage", the certificate; meaningless without the lifestyle choices that define Traditional Heterosexual Marriage.

Danny has succeeded in having his and other homosexuals' pairing labeled "marriage".

It is a fruitless hollow victory.

The communist countries of the cold war era used to name themselves the Democratic Republics of Whatever.

No one was fooled. Empty rhetoric.

What's in a name? Nothing if the lifestyle choices do not back it up.
@17: So other than gender, there are no ideals separating Gay Marriage from Traditional Heterosexual Marriage. And modern science has shown the differences between men's and women's capabilities to be pretty much nil; men are naturally more aggressive than women, and there are the obvious differences in morphology, but they're interchangeable in most other respects, and they are LEGALLY EQUAL.
You don't like "monogamish", right? Have you considered that maybe gay people decide to get married BECAUSE they're interested in pursuing a monogamOUS committed relationship and raising a family together?
Your argument--as it were so--relies on nothing more substantial than a bunch of unrealistic assumptions about the attitudes of The Gay.
Science shows that children born and raised in intact heterosexual marriages do far far better than children raised in any other social structure.

Science shows that there are huge differences in the emotional workings of males and females, and these differences are especially critical in a marriage/family.

There is and has been NOTHING to prevent homosexuals from being monogamous, but in fact they choose to be more promiscuous and irresponsible in their sexual activity.

Danny has demonstrated that if homosexuals are given a voice in shaping "marriage" it will be to make it less monogamous and science shows that infidelity (under whatever cute moniker you wish to invent) increases divorce and family breakup.

Traditional Heterosexual Marriage has been dying in America for 50 years, the number of adults in a Traditional Heterosexual Marriage have dropped dramatically, resulting in greater levels of social dysfunction.

Increasing acceptance of calling homosexual pairings "marriage" is an indication that support for, understanding of and commitment to Traditional Heterosexual Marriage has reached fatally low levels.

America, as a functional orderly society, will not outlive Traditional Heterosexual Marriage.

someone needs to call hospice....

@19 Go back to Alabama

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