A Picture That Captures the Failure of Proposition 1 and Leads to Thoughts About Thomas Piketty


Two kinds of cars, though. Low mpg beaters driven by the poor that pay high gas and sales taxes to repair roads.

And high mpg electrics (1000 mpge) and hybrids (60mpg$ driven by the rich that pay zero or close to zero in gas and sales taxes for the roads.
Where does American capital go after the death of the suburbs?

Housing, duh. Have you priced a place in the city recently?
A car does indeed throw you into the future, just like a wedding ring or a house, or even a college education. What is beautiful, I think, about the kinds of infrastructure we see in city projects (things like bridges, subways, etc.), we are still being thrown into the future, but on a scale that points to, rather than denies, finitude. You buy a car, beyond the practical concern, there is the implication that there will one day be another car -- you move into the future. You build a subway, well, you can hardly move into the future so far as to see the next subway. A private purchase denies finitude, a municipal purchase points to it. In that regard, it is exactly as Lewis Mumford said: "The final mission of the city is to further man’s conscious participation in the cosmic and historic process."

Eastside got fucked with the elimination of 13 routes 2 1/2 years ago. There was no vote to keep them, no response from Seattle or county leaders to keep those routes.
I drove to work today and it was awesome. does 9 miles away count as the suburbs?
We should ring the city with toll booths and use the money for transit.
Charles: municipal govs of Detroit and Chicago have borrowed lots of money. munis hot