I'll keep saying it until reality proves otherwise.
If these people were "Negroes", Mexicans, Native Americans or Radical Leftists, they would be dead or in Jail.
Hm, to what other country and era do we associate the phrase, "papers, please"?
Setting up a road block and asking for papers is a good way to get your ass run down like a dog in the street.
Who wants to take bets now on whether or not "prominent" members of the White Separatists community are involved in this?
Isn't it rather exactly what the founding fathers did?
So what happens when someone refuses to show identification? I wouldn't. And yes only Whites could get away with such outrageous behavior.
Let's send in the Nevada National Guard to get these thugs off the streets.
@ 5...Yes, that is exactly what the founding fathers did, and that's why the 2nd Amendment was written, to make it legal for ordinary citizens to bear arms, IF they were a member of a milita.
@1 based on what sure may not be heroes to fox news but the federal government wouldn't treat them that differently. The times they have gone after these armed idiots all been white.
I wonder how many of these "militia men" posers are enjoying their power play on the government dime--retired government workers, persons on disability or unemployment. Who gets to just roll out to Nevada and pal around with automatic weapons for awhile? Do they not have jobs?
12: They're just a bunch of LARPers dressing the part. It's a lot of theater and role play, that also happens to be very dangerous, primarily for them.
12: Should be addressed at comment 11.
@9: what the fuck were you even trying to say? Seriously, the words appear to be English, but all in row like that they're even more word-salady than the crap the Palin woman spews.

Viva la NRA!
Viva white supremacy!

Obama should arrest Bundy then.
Dear non-Nevadan: There is more than one CBS affiliate in Nevada.
@9: Salads are for lettuce, not words.
Arrest them. Shoot them if they resist with force.

Are these jackasses themselves "from the area"? I don't think so.
Why is it, in 2014, that we care even remotely what the "founding fathers" thought? The constitution is a fine document, but those gentlemen have been dead for 200 or so years.
@5: agreed, to protect the then fragile state against further revolution. @10 how so? Didn't we take up arms against the British?

The hypocrasy of opposing revolution, citing revolutionaries is rather hilarious to me.

Going in record here to say I in no way support Bundy and his loons.
My dad is probably there
It's treason. Plain and simple. The federales should hit them like a ton of bricks and end the insurrection. Call in an air strike. Stop them now because if we don't, soon there will be other Cliven Bundys. OK, maybe an air strike on a domestic target is excessive, but tanks and artillery wouldn't be if they won't stand down.
Only the mayor of Philly was willing to drop bombs on his own people.
If Putin wants Bunkerville, he can have it.
I hope the feds come in with tanks and say, "Wanna tell us again to show ID?"
*yawn* again with the nut job death cults. This is not going to end well. Everyone knows that.
Somewhere in the Constitution, I seem to remember it saying something about the Army being good for putting down armed insurrection.

This is armed insurrection, a Federal responsibility. Crush it. Drop leaflets telling them they're under arrest and where to surrender. Then, when they don't, send in an armored column and whichever new helicopter gunship needs a trial run.
I love how you guys call for killing this people on the basis of one uncorroborated hearsay report. Pretty typical though.
Actually, the point of the Militia in the Constitution (Article 1, Section 8) was to enable the federal government to *suppress* insurrections like this:

"To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;
To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;"

To underscore this language, this is exactly what the early founders did while in political office. They called in the Militia to suppress insurrections like the Whiskey Rebellion (which had President George Washington leading the Militia that stopped the insurrection).
"an armed band of jackasses claiming authority over part of the United States through implied violence"

Describes the beginning of Native American genocide

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