That battle was only temporarily won. I've never worked an 8-hour salaried position.
Thank you Chicago Fan.
Reader01: Yes. That's why we keep fighting.

True that. Whenever my fingertips get weary from typing, I tell them to keep fighting. This is so dear to me I could go on for paragraphs. Sadly, I got a paper cut this morning and writing now from the ER. Keep up the fight Comrades.

Yeah, it's a good thing for Council Member Richard Conlin this whole thing only lives on the Internet.
I teach at a university in Chile and we got May 1st (and 2nd) off for labor day. I explained to my students the origin of May 1st as a holiday since I figured they should know why they don't have to come to class. They weren't very impressed. Maybe it would have gone over better if I had told them about the original Beltane rituals.
We don't like this.
About time we had that fight for an 8-hour day again. Minimum-wage advocates should realize that their natural allies are the people with "real" jobs for having to work 60 to 80 hours a week for their base salary with no overtime. One of the reasons hiring is so slow is that companies have been allowed to get away with having one person do the work of 2 to 3 people.

Oh, I see.

You've never tried to build a career, so you don't understand how it works. See, a young hire takes a job- say as a project manager. But all they know is the leftist bullshit their ponytail and Birkenstock wearing freaks of professors taught them.

So for a few years they have to put in long hours to learn real world objective realities, and unlearn all the idiocy from college. Also, when I'm looking for the next 10 years worth of corporate leadership, the diligence and work ethic of those who put in the hours is an important means to get there.

But hey, get back to your $15 an hour burger flipping. Adults are talking.
@9: My father would beg to differ. He's a fairly high-up engineer who heads up projects, mentors the newer guys, and puts in 50 to 70 hours most weeks. (Why does he work so many extra uncompensated hours? Because he loves his job, loves the work he does, and would rather do extra work than let a project fall behind.) He also went to one of the best engineering schools (University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana) for both undergraduate and graduate programs, an experience he credits with giving him the foundational skills he needed to get interviews and do his job well.
Have you ever attended college? Do you understand what it is that people learn there? I can't vouch for what my dad learned, but I've forgotten more about the living world than you ever learned in the first place, and I've learned more than you could imagine exists. Just because you never had the intelligence and/or the social support to further their education, don't knock those that did.
So, in other words, workacholics like me who actually prefer working longer and making more money should have our rights trampled on by a handful of leftists who want everyone to live as they say. If I only worked eight hours a week I would pull my hair out and go stir crazy. And no, "make work" projects at home don't cut it. I need structure and work for at least 50 hours a week, which is why I'm happy to work in a very demanding job. And no, I don't get overtime and don't care about it either. Just like the time I got sick and stayed home for free and didn't ask for that absurd paid sick leave money. I will never ask for overtime pay or paid sick leave pay forced upon my job the government if for no other reason then to spite the statist-left.

Once again, the authoritarian-left proves they are just as controlling as the authoritarian-right. Want an eight hour work week? Only work eight hours a week. But don't force me to confirm with your idea of "utopia"

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