The Morning News: New Skyscraper Downtown, Bumbershoot's Lineup, and Jerry Manning's Memorial


Photo caption should be corrected: "This is what the building will look like at the corner of 5th and Union before the earthquake."
That is one sexy building.
That erect penis building looks like it has an STD. I don't know if it would be wise to build something like this in Seattle. I hear they shrink when they get wet.
Looks like a Kinky Boot!
The next time you're wondering why your tuition is so high at the University of Washington look at that big high shinny skyscraper.
That proposed tower looks 100x better than Amazon's fat boxy new HQ now under construction.

#5, you're an idiot *shinny*
UW great research school. U W tower butt ugly!
One must really take exception with the POV at The Stranger espousing US imperialism and American Exceptionalism (reminds one of that Stranger editor who once supported the illegal invasion of Iraq). The present administraion has supported elements of al Qaeda in both Syria and Libya, and now neo-Nazis in Ukraine, while just a relatively short time ago, Vice President Joey bin Biden claimed that WikiLeaks' Julian Assange was a terrorist --- seems this administration has a real schizoid interpretation of who the actual terrorists are.

Those now engaged in economic warfare against Russia are the same ones involved in promoting economic and financial warfare against Americans --- they are the real terrorists.…
Hey, North Korea: sticks and stones. But if we're playing that game, you smell and your mother dresses you funny.
Is it just me, or does the new tower look like a giant, high-soled, mirror-balled, drag queen boot?
Amazon is predatory and completely unscrupulous. I never ever buy anything from or through Amazon. Period. I don't care where Bezos donates money, it can't make up for his tactics, both the underhanded (like that conspiracy suit) and the direct, in deliberately trying to crush the publishing industry so that his own enterprises can succeed nor for the way he treats his lower-level employees. He's no better than Sam Walton and his brood; instead of "volunteer" greeters at the door, Bezos has volunteer "authors" in his publishing empire. Two different approaches, both sleazy, dishonest, opportunistic, and crass.
Surprising to hear the public racist outburst from the North Koreans. Usually, Asians tend to express racism against black people among themselves.
We call it the Fnarf Building internally
Surprised nobody's called it yet: That building is Gene Simmon's boot (and yes, I think he's a douchebag).
Someone needs to release a couple dozens chicks at the grand opening.
@13, hah, that's hilarious!

Seriously, go get tested. Your brain is falling apart. If you don't get help soon someone's going to run you over when you're wandering confused in the middle of the road.
@10: not just you. The first thoughts I had when I saw the photo were: drag queen? glam rock? dominatrix?

Bezos and Amazon are notoriously stingy with their charitable giving. Bezos is also a libertarian, which really shines a light on how libertarians actually feel about charitable giving: They don't wanna do it.
@5, in exchange for a deal that incurs "no investment obligations, no construction risk, no lease-up risk and no financing risk", the UW will go from making $1.5M per year on that lot to $4.0M.

The reason tuition goes up is because state funding has been so drastically cut, not because of lucrative downtown lease agreements.
Remember when Britain,Germany,and your precious America invaded Russia? -- , ,
What is it with Seattle and shockingly ugly buildings?
Re The KISS boot, that looked more like an Ace Frehley model.

A STEM woman making headlines:

Toyota wants you to meet an 'obsessed' hydrogen fuel cell engineer

[Toyota] is telling the backstory of Jackie Birdsall, an engineer at Toyota Technical Center who Toyota says is "obsessed" with fuel-cell technology.

A Sacramento native, Birdsall is responsible for testing fuel-cell vehicles and making sure hydrogen stations fill the tanks of the cars in a "reasonable" timeframe.

Long a gearhead, she attended Flint, MI's Kettering University (formerly General Motors Institute) and, among other places, worked for the California Fuel Cell Partnership before joining Toyota in 2012.

Her first car was an '87 Camry.…

So how much is UW going to raise tuition in order to underwrite building of this joke?

Oh sure, having a hooker's platform stiletto as part of its downtown architecture is really going to assure Seattle a place among world class cities. Yeah. Right.
North Korea is pissed because Obama isn't playing their fucking games with them. And that Kim is just a spoiled fucking brat. And as for the other tyrant, Putin, he's obviously an admirer of Stalin.
@24 see #19
"Honeybees abandoning hives and dying due to insecticide use, research finds"…
Helloooooo foot and/or high heel fetish! Project much, Mr. Architect.

And yes, I presume Mr. Architect, because, dude...
North Korea is run by left-wing racists.
@9 The North Koreans are just jealous because Sub-Saharan Africa is a better place to live than North Korea.
Re: "I Am Against Amazon..." Middleman decides that in industry for which he is a middleman, middlemen are very important, while in industry of which he is a consumer, middlemen are evil leaches that need to be squeezed out of existence. The lesson for those of us who are consumers of both industries?
Hey, doods! wazzup!?

Yo, Dooder! Joogie and Boo boo are in town.
GaGa Building
The study directly applied pesticides to the hives, yes, but it was the effect of the general use of these pesticides that was being studies. The thing is, there are many social insects that are pests, so we have designed pesticides that have a very low toxicity, but play upon the social nature of those pests to kill the entire colony, not just individuals. This has made killing ant colonies a LOT easier and cheaper. Bees are our friends, but they happen to be insanely social, and therefore extremely susceptible to these pesticides. As an example, if you spray Termidor on a flowering plant you could easily kill any hive that frequents it. Termidor is an awesome chemical, but you have to be super careful or its use could have major unintended consequences.