Why This Woman Is on Strike Against McDonald's (Plus Photos from Today's Other Protests)


Thank you, Martina, for sharing your story and fighting for the dignity that all workers deserve.
Ugh. Check the grammar on that headline.
But won't paying her a higher wage make life extremely difficult for job creators like poor Andrew Friedman, who make the city's neighborhoods great by giving so much of themselves?
@3: It's okay, I heard from a credible source (more credible than the Seattle Times!) that they are thinking about going on strike: http://slog.thestranger.com/slog/archive…
@4 Oh please oh please oh please. Let the thieving bastards close their doors for a day. Let them teach themselves a nice hard lesson.
It won't make a difference. They can quit their jobs, go on strike, walk around with signs that demand a fair wage, but the consumer is the key. People will still go to McD's for their grease fix and uneducated people will still need jobs. No education, no $.