Community Police Commission Politely Tells Media, US Attorney to Shove It


"ruthlessly beating innocent people!"

Court records showed witnesses identified Mexican pissboy as being with the machete wielding thieves that night. Of course, the witnesses and victims were Mexican so why give a shit eh?
Innocent is relative term for Mexican piss boy mr. Monetti:

"Victims Duran and Flores-Cruz later identified Veteta-Contreras as the man who also demanded money and threatened them with what Duran described as a “long cable” and what Flores-Cruz described as a “machete”. Decl. of Jinhong, Ex. K (Testimony of Eliezer Duran at 697-701; and Ex. B (Testimony of Walter Flores-Cruz at 553-554). Duran and an eye-witness, Juan Lopez-Pando, both identified Monetti as one of the four or five men who had surrounded them during Duran‟s robbery. Duran and Lopez-Pando testified that while being robbed, Duran told Monetti to restrain his machete- and gun-wielding companions, saying, “get your boy off of me.

Monetti responded by telling Duran to “just give him what you got,” and “just give him the five dollars.” Id.; see also Decl. of Clark at ¶18. While Monetti was ultimately not arrested or charged, there is nonetheless substantial evidence that he was, in fact, complicit in the robberies."

"Concurrent with the events that were transpiring between Monetti, his two companions, and the officers south of China Harbor, Ofcs. Virgilio and Reyes had detained two additional Latino males, Pedro Martinez and Robin Barrera. Flores-Cruz subsequently identified Pedro Martinez as part of the group (including Monetti, Veteta-Contreras, and Garcia-Garcia) that had robbed him. See Decl. of Jinhong, Ex.E at 50-51 starting at line 20. He reported that Martinez had demanded money from him, claiming they were “Salva Maratrucha” or MS 13 gang members from El Salvador, and that Martinez had flashed a hand gun that was tucked between his belt under his t-shirt."
Just to de-obfuscate the language of this conversation, "proactive policing" is cop code for "opportunistic street harassment."

e.g., rolling up on a mother & her son who are waiting in their car for shore work? That's proactive policing! (Never mind that we tasered the kid and arrested them both for obstructing.)

e.g., detaining and questioning a guy over the fact his key ring had a suspicious number of keys on it? That's proactive policing! (Never mind that we beat the guy up and arrested him for assaulting an officer.)

e.g., detaining a guy using a legally-sized carving knife the carve a piece of wood? That's proactive policing! (Never mind that we fatally shot him in the back for not putting the knife down fast enough.)

Prompt response to 911 service calls? Awesome, keep it up.

Providing calm, detached supervision when the anarchist kids roll in to make smashy-smashy on my ancient 1992 BMW? Awesome, keep it up.

Opportunistically stopping vulnerable-looking pedestrians on the thinnest of pretenses to shake them down for ID, run warrant checks, and conduct terry frisks? Thank you, SPD, for cutting down -- we didn't need it anyway.
Thank you for this post, Dom.

Durkan's comments lately have been worrisome, not only because they seem less than even-handed but because they seem less than rational.