Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Reflects on a Week of Gun Violence and the Need for Political Action


Eli Sanders: "The fact that Burgess and Murray decided to leave SPU, where the media glare was brightest on Thursday, and go to the vigil in the Central District—which, on a busy news day, ended up being attended by no media—was a clear message. So was Murray's decision to convene a special meeting of the city council in the coming weeks to address gun violence, and his endorsement of Initiative 594 as necessary—and yet not nearly sufficient to the challenge. "…


"So glad to see @Mayor_Ed_Murray attend vigil for victims of Sunday's murders in CD, drawing cameras with him, at this moment. Leadership."

@1: Correcting. Thanks.
I am glad the Mayor is focusing in on gun control. Because the only way they are going to take my drugged up mental illness from me is to pry it from my cold dead hands.
Ed Murray had 18 years in Olympia to lead on gun control. He failed.

Ed Murray had 18 years in Olympia to lead on mental health. He failed.
How about pursuing the core issue here: Mental Illness!
There is rarely ever any talk of this when these tragedies occur. Once again, guns become the focal point; a distraction from the real issue.....

I though Seattle wanted a professional politician? They certainly voted for one, and got one.
Guns totally jump into people's hands and force them to do terrible things.
A WEEK? Doesn't anyone pay attention to the South End? Not even The Stranger?…
Always another sophomoric, absurd gun nut to chime in. I'm sorry, did i wake up one fucking morning and forget about my motherfucking right to walk down the motherfucking street and not have to dodge some half assed shit head stoned on his FOCKEDnews shit sandwich of deceit and NRA cowardice and his bullets? Did the rest of the nation somehow give up our rights to live in peace? FUCK YOU GUN TOTING PUSSIES. fuck your unnecessary gun WRONGS. you fucking assholes are in the extremeFUCKING MINORITY and you DO NOT GET TO TRAMPLE ON OUR RIGHTS TO LIFE LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS OF EVERY MAN , WOMAN AND CHILD IN THE UNITED STATES. I, NAY WE THE FUCKING PEOPLE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS BULLSHIT. Grow the fuck up or take your guns to Iran, this is fucking america and it's obvious you can't handle living here as a free and responsible person. FUCK you.
Wow, look at that Rainbow Coalition backing him up. It's like a cosplay convention.
Thanks very much for this, Mr. Sanders
Mass shootings are a rarity compared to "regular" shootings. While addressing the problems which lead to mass shootings is laudable, reducing mass shooting will do very little to reduce the overall rate of gun violence and deaths. Mass shootings are a red herring, brought to you by the media and the NRA.

There are things, simple things, we could do to reduce the gun violence in America, and there are some very difficult choices we need to make as a society if we REALLY want to reduce gun violence. Like global warming, we don't have the political will, so we just have to learn to accept gun deaths as a part of our American lifestyle, part of the price of "freedom".

Uh, mass shootings are indeed a rarity compared to regular shootings, but I'm of the opinion that they are a red herring brought to you by the gun control zealots and the media, not the other way around.

Gun crime is down 50% in the United States since it's peak in 1993 and continues to trend downward at an impressive rate.

This is indisputable fact. Look it up at Uniform Crime Reporting.
@12 A link to the FBI homepage - really? How about a link to the actual stats, from the CDC as well, while you're at it. If you're going to make an argument based on statistics, at least link to the stats you "quote".

That whole fucking Constitution sure is a fucking inconvenience for fucking people like you, isnt it.

fuck you.
@13 - try this.…

But, as you well know, 1993 was a peak for crime and violence in general, and guns were a big part of this. To say "crime is down" is not the same thing as saying "There is an acceptable level of gun violence in America". Gun crime IS down from its record high levels, but that is doesn't mean that society is OK with this ongoing level of violence.
@9 Yeah you, THE CONTROL FREAK NUTBAG. You call the overwhelming majority of responsible people who carry PUSSIES? Because they have the common sense to know that most likely the police aren't going to be around when they are attacked? You would rather have them taken away, then carry one yourself. Gawhawd, you're dumb...Once upon a time, they used think it was okay to give the mentally ill lobotomies for being mildly defiant or emotional. They already have to report patients who make violent threats or admit violent or pedophilic crimes and understandably so. But what's next? Automatically reporting anyone with a diagnoses of anxiety, depression, ADHD, Autism, PTSD (victims of violence) that shows up on any background check for anything???? Historically, we all know what governments do with what they consider to be mentally ill, so fuck off. We've all made comments at one point or another in our lives that convey a mild disgust with society or lost their temper on some level. Keep going this route, we aren't even going to be allowed to do that anymore or people like you will report them. You control freaks scare me more than these nutcases ever did...
excuse me...Diagnosis, not

Keep going this route, we aren't even going to be allowed to do that anymore or people like you will report them.

Imagine, that terrible world when everyone's been shown to have moments when they shouldn't be trusted with a gun, and so everyone loses their right to own a guns and then very few people have guns and then you don't have to worry about needing a gun to defend yourself from other gun owners.