"I'm not a motherf**king social worker." - Notorious B.I.G

Yay, free market.
Forget it, Jake, it's Ohio...
Sort of like "Drink for the Kids" only sooner.
ah, it's a joke.

however, odds are pretty good that you could have a drink every week while pregnant and not give your child FAS. just don't have 12 every day. americans are hysterics.
That's great and all, but are you going to say something about the shooting on I5 that closed all lanes at the Ship Canal?
"At first I thought the bar staff was having a laugh, but looking around at the clientele and knowing the general horrid level of care that many Clevelanders take with their bodies, I wasn't entirely sure if this was comedy or a genuine deal. There's no way any establishment in Seattle could get away with this sentiment."

Fuck you.
I think it's fucking hilarious!

Seattle is missing out on life if they couldn't laugh at that.
As a native Clevelander, may I just say "go fuck yourself, you fucking fuck" ?
Just cuz you're in the Midwest, doesn't mean you need to act judgmental. Pregnant ladies are fine having the occasional drink -- and it's not up to you to police them anyway.

oh gosh, that sounds like me too. Ok, enough foot in mouth disease. I've "had ample time to peruse the surroundings" of Slog, and think it best for the children to go unsupervised for the rest of the week. See ya.
oh my god, does cleveland know that dave fucking SEGAL is in the house? holy shit! you're fucking royalty, dude! and they are mere serfs. serfs with a shitty sense of humor. you show 'em! represent the WEST COAST! SHOW THOSE RUBES!!!
Smug, self-righteous provincialism at its finest.

Just keep telling yourself that you are better than other people because you live in a coastal city, because it is obvious to everyone else who the dumbass is in this situation.
"One for two all nine months" would've been appropriate AND funny... (Look for the triple entendre you tards.)
That is some classic Seattle provincialism. And nothing like a little Midwestern June humidity to schwitz it right to the surface.
My goodness there are such a lot of angry Clevelanders in here. They must all be drunk/pregnant.
Is this all the moral outrage you could muster? Or do you think midwesterners are just stupid based on "looking around at the clientele". Jebus you're an ass.

BTW, it's illegal to refuse to serve a woman a drink because she is pregnant - they teach you that in bartending school (sorry, I didn't go to one of your fancy book learnin' schools)

Also, when you are pregnant, isn't everything you ingest basically two for one?
Has The Stranger become PC? Gentrification!
btw, i've never been to Cleveland and hope to never go.
@20 no; it's one-for-two.
no more funny! SANITIZE IT ALL!!!!
the lactating nipples are my favorite part.
That's hilarious. I love the rust belt.
Do something about Drunk of the Week and Bartender Crush, and then we can talk.
Haha, Dan's taking some heat on this one. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's just meant to be a joke.
I would have gone with the punchier "Pregnant Women Drink Free."
It's a humid, exploratory, corkscrew of a sign, that's for sure.
@20: we call it Mixology School here on the Best Coast.

Ha, JK! I'm a born and raised Buckeye (The 'Nati), so it's OK.
"There's no way any establishment in Seattle could get away with this sentiment."
No, but they cab get pretty damn close.
Look for the warning sign the WSLCB requires to be conspicuously posted:
"If you appear to be intoxicated we must remove your drink and refuse to serve you."
I guess if you suffer from the effects of a head injury, or low oxygen during your childbirth, or any other condition that might mimic "appearing intoxicated," you cannot be served in Washington state.
That's pretty discriminatory and possibly unconstitutional, especially in view of the ADA.
@32: . . . not sure if serious . . .
@16, @18, and everyone else: I lived in Cleveland for 8 years and before that in the Detroit area for 32. That gives me carte blanche to talk shit about the Midwest, when it's deserved, for at least the next 40 years.

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