Take Your "Pipeline" and Shove It


How many plays in the pipeline are written by men?
heh..imagine that, another progressive self-loathing white male writing once again about "yawn" how about bad white males are.

Hint to the self loathing progressive white males out there: just put a .45 to your head and end.the.pain. The rest of us are quite happy with life.
Just think of the pipeline as Enbridge Northern Gateway and set it on fire
Good article, Mr. Kiley. Play selection in American theatre has primarily been a sausage-fest in my lifetime. I share an office with one of those writers--Kathryn Walat (we're producing a new Commedia play of Kate's in the Fall.)--and part of the pedagogy in her Dramatic Writing courses, is convincing young, double-x chromosome playwrights all is not lost.

I wonder, though, in the larger theaters--I'm primarily talking LORT, here--how much of an impact and influence naturally conservative Trustees may have on any theater's play selection. How long or short is the leash on their collared artistic staff? I've seen more than one Artistic Director come and go over this very issue.

One final point: Peter Marks is a self-intoxicated tool.