This Is Such Bullshit



It's not too hard to figure out, you see it everyday
And those that were the farthest out have gone the other way

You see them on the freeway, It don't look like a lot of fun
But don't you try to fight it; "An idea who's time has come."

-H. Lewis, "Hip To Be Square"
& too long & complex for bumper sticker or even Tweet
I think Dan's mom would've had a similar response . . . minus the 'f' word.
I can't even either. Can anyone else even?
What does moderate even mean now? The Democrats are solidly moderate, but portrayed as liberal while the John Birchers have solid control of the GOP.

Unless this placard is meant to be ironic or something (meaning that the author is aware of the current political reality that I stated), I can't fathom what moderate means to someone who thinks the GOP is true right and the Democrats true left.
All this does, at best, is attempt to make being afraid to have or voice an opinion hip.

I need to go get some spray paint cans. Or some bricks.

Right. History shows that peace, prosperity, and civil rights thrive when radicals are in power.

This should have a trigger warning (just kidding).
Chase is telling liberals to STFU and let the GOP drag the country into The Handmaid's Tale.

Because it's good for their business.
@4: Not me. I totally can't even.
Dan just went full tumblr.
It'd still be drivel even if they were truly moderate.
So normcore.
@Matt: What does moderate even mean now?

Good question. Moderate is not some kind of average between democrats and republicans, as some idiot pundits have suggested.

Moderate means not beholden to ideological snake oil. The moderates in our country are the democrats, and they'd probably look a lot more appealing if they weren't so afraid of the well-organized, well-funded radical right wing.

Dan Savage is a moderate. If Sawant was only about redistributing wealth, she'd be a moderate, too, but her Marxist hatred for the systems that generate wealth in the first place makes her a radical.
@9 I dunno if this is Chase Bank, or perhaps Paper Chase Press.
@9 is right. "Moderate" is a plea to reject anything "liberal" which basically anything that actually opposes the reich wing rape of the treasury and destruction of the country.
@AFinch: Only if you accept a bent definition of "moderate".

Having read the sign again, however, they are using "moderate" and "neutral" interchangeably, which makes them guilty of everything you and Dan say. I can't even either.
I ask myself: "What would Zapp Brannigan say about this?" Oh, right.…
@16 Yeah, it's Paper Chase Press

Radical Neutrality Looseleaf Poster Set
Apathy is the new giving a shit.
@4 won't.
Is Paper Chase Press a subsidiary of the Rand Corporation? Sounds like they're running a "operation".
I herby withdraw the aspersions I had cast upon Chase Bank. They are just peachy.

Radical neutrality as spirituality is about 2500 years old. Paper Chase Press, meet Buddha.

How any of that drivel is the "new minimalism"? I can't even either.
@21 Thank you.
I love Paper Chase Press tho, a Hollywood treasure. We could do with their like up here, for sure.

Evahbody misfires sometimes.
@15 "Moderate means not beholden to ideological snake oil."

Not really. Moderate means not killing 1 million people for crude oil, which disqualifies most establishment politicians and their minions.
In a day when true moderates are called extremists, and extremists from the other direction are called moderates this sign is absolutely meaningless.

We are living in a world of 1984 newspeak. You didn't say what you thought you said.
On further review, it seems THIS BLURB REFERS TO A PURPORTED FASHION TREND IN PERSONAL BEAUTY PRODUCTS -- not a purported trend in collective ideological calisthenics.

Back to the drawing board, Sloggers ... or to the ironing board ... whatever it takes to get those annoying knots out of your panties.
@29 a quick google confirms... but there's no way it's not meant to reference and be misconstrued with political and social issues.
@1: No matter where I am, no matter where I go, no matter who I'm with, I know:
It's hip to be a square!
p.s. Yes, this IS bullshit ... but bullshit is the primary ingredient in fashionable health and beauty aids anyway, no?
@32 It's a small step above all the pseudo-scientific claims and insane body image issues, but only just. Fuck them.
14 nailed it. Normcore, it's the new hipster mullet.
@4, 11 - I can only odd. :(
Brick magnet.
@37 What you're saying is pretty much true and reasonable but also somewhat besides the point.

The main problem here being around the fallacy that the poles of all issues are equally and oppositely radical. Just because there is a camp that believes that black people, by and large should be able to vote, and a camp enacting legislation contrary to that belief, does not ennoble people staking out any sort of middle ground. Similarly, despite it being rather absolutest, there just are not any reasonable positions outside of the "science is how we understand the physical world, period" camp.
I wouldn't even if I could.
Dan you should really create a tumblr account. You've got the whole feigned exasperation thing absolutely nailed.
A lot of money was paid out to someone with a very fancy marketing degree for this. It is that stupid.
@ 37, I don't think that's what this is about.
& too long & complex for bumper sticker or even a Twit.
This is all very dumb, I can't even either.
@15 Exactly. There was a quote from someone in the Seattle Times who said he was "an Eisenhower Republican". My first thought was "Oh, you mean a Democrat". Remember, before Romney implemented it at the state level, before Clinton tried to pass it, before Obama implemented it nationally, a private health insurance mandate system was first proposed by Richard Nixon.
Awwww, did Dan and his choir get their widdle feefees hurt by someone making fun of their exaggerated hyperbole and polarized extremes? Thats so sad. Go get a cookie from the box and try to stop crying.
How don't they realize that sitting on your ass is in no way radical?
@37: What you said: 'a couple decades ago there were millions of Americans who would describe themselves as "fiscally conservative and socially liberal."' Where are those people supposed to fit in now? And why the hate on "moderation"?