I hope teabagger outrage culminates in a right wing, third party that ruins Republicans.
exactly, I will look so jubilant if whats that you say happens
In the words of the great philosopher Nelson Muntz: Hah ha!
Considering the online meltdown TP'ers are having this week in the wake of Thad Cochran's MN Senate primary victory Tuesday night, I would say this is pretty obvious.
I like the allusion to Civil War; ironic, given the formation of the original republican party and election of its first president led to the split of the nation and the actual Civil War.
Turbulent politics in America is healthy politics in America, always has been and always will be. Think how scary it would be otherwise, no matter what your politics are.
The $20 million that establishement Republicans are spending to defeat Tea Party rivals are $20 million they can't spend to defeat Democratic rivals.

Is there a downside that I'm missing?
The only downside is that I'm running low on popcorn.
No civil war; it's a war of Cantorian aggression.
So, when Hillary is President in Nov. 2016 what will boner and his butt buddy mcconell do for a living? republican related golf/porn?

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and remember to be decent to everyone
all of the time.

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