The Morning News: One Day Until Washington's First Pot Stores Open


considering that Obama's spent 6 years trying to woo republicans to do something, anything, the govern at all, and has been met with a wall of accusation and sloth, good luck with that, Hillz.
I want a Dem in the white house Soooo bad, but the last one that I'd care to put in would be one that wants to "do more to woo Republicans." Obama tried that many times, and all it got us was a Democrat buy-in to Rethug policies. No thanks...

I suppose that she's trying to run to the center, but I'd like to see a Real lefty run, not run to the center...
Our economy is so doesn't need us any more.…
Clinton would be better off running against the Tea Party in order to woo Republicans.
Does this mean she's running? In any case, she'll be sorry if she tries getting along with those boneheads. They want to turn us all into Mississippi.

Actually there's a neo-Conservative movement that's now embracing Obama -- both because of ideological similarity but also out of self-preservation.

If the GOP can't produce a candidate with a morality somewhere within reach of one held by under 50, there's no long term hope for it.

Hillary -- who comes from a long line of Chicago Republicans -- could then be a fifth Bush term.

@7 did you have a point, or are you just unsuccessfully trying to be racist?
Brazil is asking for punishment of the Colombia player.

That foul was no worse than the dozens of fouls committed by Brazil against Columbia, especially against James Rodriguez. Neymar was just unlucky.
From where I'm sitting, deep in the heart of blue Seattle, it looks like a shrewd Democrat politician could bury the Republican candidate by playing the Tea Party/RINO divide. Come out strongly in favor of practical immigration policies, gay rights and a promise not to screw with the country's credit rating, and you will attract both loyal Democrats and sensible old school Republicans while scaring away the relatively small number of Tea Party Taliban.
Why not try to get more progressive dems elected rather than felating goober republicans? Uh Uh Uh....Gerrymandering?

Why not enact economic populist policies such as infrastructure investment, a new deal 2.0 to benefit the poor, the unemployed, the underemployed.......Uh Uh Uh....elite donors?

More security theatre. Passengers bound for the U.S. from some overseas airports will have to show that their electronic devices will power up, or they'll have to be left behind.

Keep chargers handy in your carry-on, in case your batteries go dead… trying to let people know your flight is delayed.…

and fly in airplanes as little as possible. i assume the fuel burnt in those things isn't helping the environment. I'm sure there's a Green Airplane Movement? Anyone got a link? And what's up with coal debate, that's worse than the insane daily world air traffic, right?
Why isn't all this new technology making Americans richer?

Hmmmm....might these be some of the major reasons? (Sorry to contradict the US Chamber of Commerce and Business Roundtable talking points, dood!)………

FYI: In 2006, the largest temporary help agency in America, Manpower, closed 1,000 offices in the USA, while opening over 800 offices throughout China.
Errata: sorry, that was 2003, not 2006!
Clinton distancing herself from Obama: In part by suggesting she'll "do more to woo Republicans."

Portrait of a Neocon

Voted for the Iraqi War and all subsequent war financing legislation while a senator.

Her major donors in her senate race were the Indian offshoring firm, the Tata Consultancy and Rupert Murdoch.

Helped open an American jobs offshoring office for the Tata Consultancy in Buffalo, NY, "to aid their economy"?!?!?!? (Also belonged to the Indian group within the senate which raised numeric levels for foreign visa scab workers in the USA.)

Chaired the Millennium Challenge Corporation which helped to finance the overthrow of democratically elected (and highly popular) Honduran President Zelaya.

Was endorsed in her presidential run in 2008 by the vile rightwinger plutocrat, Richard Mellon Scaife.

As secretary of state, appointed uber neocons Marc Grossman(former George W. Bush inner circle dood) and Victoria Nuland.

Recently gave a talk embracing her love for Monsanto's GMOs.

Believes Edward Snowden should return to the USA where, of course, he will receive a fair trial!

Was still secretary of state when US State Department was involved in the ouster of the democratically-elected president of the Ukraine.

Claims to really be Hillary Clinton Cratchit and suffering from bouts of extreme poverty!

@2: Real lefties can eventually end up becoming real righties (and vice versa) with horrendous results. Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler come to mind.
Thanks for the insight, raindrop.
The Democratic Party would be soooooo much better off if Hilary Clinton did not run.
@19: Especially if she's going to bow to republicans more.
@10, the only "sensible old school Republicans" are in nursing homes with dementia. They don't get out to vote anymore.
im a liberal anarchist [and an angry environmentalist] and I really hope Rand Paul beats hilary so we can thin the herd of the phony, mired progressives and hopefully fracture the union.
I don't know the numbers for Australia, but In the U.S. between 30-40% of births are unintended.

Beyond that, and without reading the study (a Slog tradition), it shouldn't surprise anyone that children of same-sex couples tend to be better off. We're talking about parents that wanted, planned for, and likely jumped through additional hoops to qualify for an adoption. I want to presume the difference in roles between same-sex couples and my parents might make for a more stable home as well, but most of my straight peers don't raise children exactly the way our parents did anymore either.
@18: Yep, I was anticipating that. Glad you're on the ball!
@21: For states with mail voting, your retort is antiquated. Sorry.
You'd be pretty brain dead not to, since I announced it. But it took me half an hour, so I can't take credit for being on the ball.
@25 - Thanks for the insight raindrop.

@18 - <3