Where to Eat After You Go to Cannabis City, Seattle's Only Pot Store


No Beth's?
@1: Um, these are places near the first pot store, which is in Sodo.. see the map? Also, I can hear your bong burbling from here.
make sure you drive your car, too
How will you be able to afford to eat after you've spent so much money on ridiculously and needlessly overpriced pot?
@2 One should ride a bus, Clement, and enjoy the high. Haven't taken a hit since the price of a lid went from
$10 to $15. That was perhaps 1970-71. I don't recall
bongs being much in vogue then. Wouldn't know how to use one, but I am pretty sure there is a You Tube instructional video.
@5: Ah, the bus... I was thinking of summertime strolling or (careful, helmeted) biking...
Harsh. You forgot SODO Deli, right across the street from Gastropod. Huge, awesome sandwiches, sodas, beer.
What about Orient Express?


(that indicates jocularity)
@6. Bethany, I don't think I would want to operate any on-the- road mechanical device. I am still unsure about what appears to be rather low residual THC blood level restrictions under current DUI laws. I'd like to learn more about this as I don't really understand it. It seems the blood level content is so low that it might cause folks who are not high to be considered DUI. Anyone have a better handle on this?

SODO isn't exactly conducive to summertime strolling. It could be worse, at least there are sidewalks, but still not a walkable neighborhood.
If you're talking about By's without talking about their AMAZEBALLS milkshakes, then you're not talking about By's correctly.
Pho Cyclo was/is pretty vocal about not supporting the minimum wage. I, for one, refuse to step foot in there. Maybe in 5-7 years.
ignoring what @12 said, some of the more glaring flaws you encounter at the Capitol Hill location of Pho Cyclo (i.e. the service...) are surprisingly not an issue at the SoDo location. in fact, eating there is almost enjoyable.
@5 Back in the 70s we called bongs "waterpipes."
this is like around the corner from the SODO Link Station ... which will make it really convenient in 2016
I note the pot store is almost right across the street from the headquarters of Seattle Public Schools.
What about Yak's Teriyaki, with it's famous pink rice?
Costco is a hell of a deal at $1.50 for a hot dog and soda. Although I imagine it could be kind of overwhelming if you were crazy stoned.
Seapine Brewing is nice, albeit closed today.
Subway, Burger King, Orient Express, Denny's, Arby's, Jack in the Box, KFC/Taco Bell.
Jack in the Box Denny's Randy's Arby's plus need trans take the bus or some people in Seattlle need reprorize their finances and where they are going in life.. Since prices are so high tell them no.freebies takes 5 to get high on it Tough love nothing wrong with it
Step one: Buy a mellow weed at Cannabis City
Step two: Buy delicious Chablis at Esquin Wine Merchants right next to them.
Step three: Combine. Enjoy.