Building a Community Only to Watch It Fall Apart: Razing the Bar Documents the Final Days of the Funhouse


I never set foot in the Funhouse, and it wasn't until I saw this film that I realized why. As you mention, Zak's was a nasty place, and the stories I'd heard about it must've subliminally stayed in my mind, and colored my enthusiasm about seeing bands there. There were a couple of times I remember *almost* going and then feeling some sort of reluctance: "Oh, maybe I'm too tired...There won't be anyone I know there..." I'm sure now it was just a Zak's hangover. And I regret never going.
Every time I went was a magical experience for me. Staff seemed to really care about the patrons, everyone was so happy to be there, and though the music was often extraordinary and mind-blowing, it was the chemistry of chats and love and laughs in the backyard that always crowned any evening there. Wonderful write up, Kathy!
@2 Thanks, Chris! Wish I'd gone more often. Thee Oh Sees played at least a couple of great shows there (I saw them with Unnatural Helpers and the Urinals), but I'm still sorry I missed Psychic Ills, which Segal mentioned in his write-up of the film. Some kind soul uploaded a snippet of that TOS show to YouTube:…