The World's First Tumblr Convention Was a Disaster


Oh that's where the ball pit meme started.
I heard the convention was a bigger disaster than the Oso Mudslide
Depends on the organizers. Vidcon (for youtube creators/fans) has grown and grown over the years, and always seems like a huge success.
Mixed reports are coming out. Apparently some of the disastrous elements did happen, but other "disasters" were entirely made up. I wasn't there, but reading stuff from people who were, it probably was an okay, but not great con that made a bunch of newbie mistakes, some of which were pretty serious. But it probably wasn't the worst con ever.
Sheesh, last time I ran a convention I just had to pony up many thousands of my own money to make the thing happen. Emphasis on the *last* time I run a convention. And we only had tens of people.
So, just like Tumblr itself then
Is it wrong that I take delight in the failures of shallow overly-twee, and/or self-righteous tumblr-ites?

Seriously though, Tumblr can be a lot of fun if you can avoid the people who make it terrible.
fletch, please do tell, what area of interest prompted such an investment from yourself? Girls' button up sweaters?
They need to get a bitchy hard-nosed middle aged lesbian to put it together. They get shit done.
Convention planning is sort of a logistical nightmare, especially one targeting "internet enthusiasts". I'm not surprised. Sure, there are ones that work, and ones that are self-funded, but the majority would seem to be shittily run and moneylosers.
If only someone had thought to bring a $10,000 poatao salad!