This Is How You Should Respond When Glenn Beck Sends His Mouth-Breathing Hordes at You


Nicely done, Mayor Driscoll!
This is a lovely story, except for the North Shore Alliance acronym.

I mean, "Nagly?" That is just bad.

Funny how conservatives hate tax dollars going to higher education unless the college has bigotry as a main value, or if it has the word "christian" somewhere in the name.
That's not "higher education". Heck, it's not even education.
A radical, reactionary religious group desires to be subsidized by the public whilst persecuting innocent townsfolk for being different. Salem, you say?

Wait, wait, don't tell me; I've heard this one.
How Savage of her!
So when Christians and other religious types complain to atheists that they just want to be allowed to believe their stuff and be left alone, it's things like this (and the hobby lobby bullshit) that I point them to.

I would gladly, GLADLY, ignore and leave religious types alone if only they would leave everyone else alone. But no, they insist and demand that everyone else must conform to their personal beliefs.

And that's why I'm not just an atheist but an anti-theist. They won't leave us alone; therefore, I won't leave them alone.
Hey, hey, hey, everybody stop it now! There's nothing wrong with these conservatives fighting LGBT rights! As Collectivism_Sucks always says, they're moving in the right direction, just slowly, and its you backwards liberals fighting freedom and rights and stuff! History will show that these freedom fighters were always for minority rights, just like Collectivism_Sucks says so!
Love the fact that NAGLY uses paypal. I cannot recall how many times I go to donate to someplace and then get sucked into the spiral of filling out endless forms and say Fuck It. Paypal is the way. Three clicks, done, boom.

I know this makes me a bad person.
@7: Oceania was always at war with Eastasia!!
Yay Salem! But make sure you match your $5 to Salem to wherever you're local NAGLY is. I'm matching my Salem donation with a donation to, cause that's where I'm at. What's happening in The Commonwealth could happen anywhere. Embolden your local LGBT advocates with your support and cash in equal amounts (at least) to that in which you support those of Boston's North Shore!