Go Boating with Clyde This Weekend in the Arboretum and Run Into Secret Bands Playing in the Woods


Just to pick nits: the WAC won't let you put 4 people in a canoe. You can have 4 in their rowboats, with a choice of either a pair of oars, so only one person is working at a time, or canoe paddles for everyone.

Also, if you put 3 in a canoe, the center person sits on the bottom. They do give you a little cushion (technically, a Type IV Personal Flotation Device) but the seats of a rowboat are probably more comfortable and cleaner.

And please wear your PFDs ("lifejackets"), which means actually buckling them, not just draping them over your shoulders. You never know when some drunk in a Bayliner will ram your rowboat as they come through the Montlake Cut. You'd look pretty stupid drowning on such a trivial junket.
Don't block the narrow walkways.

We were riding along the north edge of the Arboretum last month and some young'uns were having an impromptu performance. Their audience was sitting down on the wooden walkways across the water blocking the entire path, so my friend "accidentally" bonked one of them in the head with a bike pannier. Don't be that guy.
Ideally, don't be either of those guys.
Okay, per the event page, floating in inner tubes is suggested, as well. Do we need to bring paddles as well? Or will floating in our river tubes and using our arms/hands to "paddle"/steer occasionally be sufficient?