Capitol Hill Block Party Wrap Up: The Best In Photos


Beer garden beer choices were fucking terrible. I wonder how much Meinert pocketed from Anheuser-Busch?
Best beer: cider on tap at Barboza because it was super chill and only $6
Just adding Manny's would've legitimized the beer tents. It's really that simple. People in Seattle drink Manny's. Sell it!!
Best condoms - Lifelong. 1016 E Pike. What what.
@4: I'm sure having non-Anheuser-Busch products would not have been allowed under whatever agreement Meinert had with them (all four beers the CHBP stocked were A-B products, this is not a coincidence).

Remember the 90s, when the 5 Point mocked Redhook by calling them "Budhook"? My how times (and Seattle) have changed.
Jesus has resin? Great! I'll be sure to contact him next time I need to make something out of plastic.