Sarah Palin Strip-Mines Her Dwindling Power with a Subscription TV Channel



As soon as I read your statement "She's nothing, a nobody" I stopped reading your post.

So why are you giving her so much ink?

Ooh, I saw this on the Yahoo front page. When Slog and Yahoo overlap their People Magazine style of news, all is right in the universe.
Oh, how I love the crazy!

Watching the Republican party eat itself is one of my favorite guilty pleasures.
Ms. Palin is one hair rinse and five years' worth of elocution lessons away from being Dana Carvey's "Church Lady",
@1 - Because Paul loves to trash her.
Sarah Palin would disappear completely if bloggers would stop reporting everything she does, for no apparent reason.
@1 I agree with your sentiment, but find the latter part of the article more interesting (if too focused on someone of diminishing cultural impact). Much has been written on the fracturing of culture, but there is still something interesting about the business of mass media (of a sort that requires real investment) with a nearly instantaneous global reach and a narrow, localized audience.
What #1 and #6 said. Sarah can always count on the left to give her air time. It's better than putting energy towards elected officials they enforced who aren't doing their jobs. But that's what the other side does too, so what the hell.
@3 has a favorite phrase of mine. You see, I'm more interested in diversity and equality than most people, therefore I can write a lengthy argument that all of us, all of us are eating ourselves.
@ 6/8, she's getting more than left wing coverage of yhis. Loke it or not, it's news, and if you still think ignoring them makes them go away (as we've been repeatedly admonished to do ever since Rush Limbaugh became a household word), the last 20 odd years have not been as instructional for you as they could have been.
@10: The difference is that Sarah Palin is more like Kim Kardashian that Rush Limbaugh.
I'm not sure why anyone considers this a "television channel". It's a subscription website with some videos.
True, but one still shouldn't underestimate her.
She is an embarrassment for the Republican Party and I hope she never goes away.
We misunderestimate her at our peril. Fool us once, we won't get fooled again.
@13: Did you just refer to a clearly Photoshopped image of Palin to support your point?
Sarah Palin is a media whore not unlike Terry Jones (Koran burner), Mike Huckster. She had 15 minutes of fame and we're coming up on 17 minutes. It's time to go Trig mama.
@11 - Really? REALLY? She's gonna have Kim Kardashian on? oMg, I'm gonna subscribe. Can't waaaaaiiiittt !
The proper response to Sarah Palin is to hit her with a dead fish whenever she tries to speak in public.
Please don't patronize this media whore.