Newly Exhumed Documents Reveal Mark Driscoll's Vision of Our "Pussified Nation"


It's no secret Driscol has issues with women, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised to see some textbook mommy issues on display as well.

And how does one "perfect [their] virginity"? I mean, you really only take that class pass/fail.
So exactly what does he think is proper behavior for a "real" man? Wow, that was a truly exhausting MRA manifesto...

He lists "take one" as the first of his three "ways a REAL man treats a woman", which I think probably sums up his personally philosophy quite succinctly.
Pussified outrage over pussified nation rant proves nation pussified. Fascinating.
Wow. I'm struck by how this sounds exactly like the advice of a professional and not the imagined rant of a prejudiced, stereotyping teenager. What a creepy, unqualified dangus
Countdown to the Driscoll sex scandal.

Tacocat really needs to write a song called "Song of Songs" now.
What a whackadoodle with some major issues. I wouldn't be surprised to find out he tortured animals or kids when he was younger.

Yep, gonna be either a dead girl or a live boy.
I think this proves he's a slog commentator, but which one?

I like "evangellyfish". Super cute.
Countdown to the Driscoll sex scandal.

Will it be teen boys or teen girls?
There needs to be a rock opera for this when it's done: Driscoll Christ Superstar
@12- neither. Blind, autistic chihuahuas of a certain age.
The kink runs deep with this one...
Wow, all this just because he cannot scratch his balls anytime he wants.
The "William Wallace II" bit is hilarious. He and Mel Gibson should get together. I'd bet they'd be great buddies.
Wow, all this just because he cannot scratch his balls anytime he wants.
I thought the Man of the House was king in Driscoll's crunchy church... He can't possibly be letting the women-folk dictate when he can scratch his nuts. Aren't his women conditioned to drop and suck on command?
You know what the problem with "bitter...feministed single mothers" is? Penis envy.
#16 said:
The "William Wallace II" bit is hilarious. He and Mel Gibson should get together. I'd bet they'd be great buddies.
God no, Mel is a Catholic, which to crunchy protestant bible thumpers like Driscoll are as evil as Muslims.
#18 said:
You know what the problem with "bitter...feministed single mothers" is? Penis envy.
Perhaps Driscoll is hiding a huge secret? He's really a self-hating tranny?
@3: It's okay for a man to slut around, but all women should be "pure", I guess is Driscoll's aim.
It's okay for a man to slut around, but all women should be "pure", I guess is Driscoll's aim.
Driscoll is headed down the Branch Davidian / Jim Jones path. God has ordained that men have to be "slutty" as you say, otherwise we would be forced to spill our seed in vain.Right? Right?
I don't understand how anyone could fall for his bullshit. I feel sorry for anyone that did and hope they now have a stronger self preservation instinct and get on with life.
This is heading to Ted Haggard teritory fast....
I still don't understand why people would join his creepy church to begin with. Women are less than men; the church leaders are to be obeyed and are infallible; you are told who to associate with and who not to associate with (shunning) - and this is okay with everyone?

/shakes head in bafflement
Years from now, after Driscoll takes out a chunk of his congregation with an assault rifle because they turned on him, we will ask the question: "Were there clues that he was capable of such deeds?"

Seriously, this CULT leader has serious mental health issues. He is not right in the head...
So, is it pussified to spend a quarter million trying to fake his way onto the NY Times Bestseller list? Or was his original marketing plan pussified? Or -- shudder -- was the book itself pussified? 'Cause at some point in that whole fiasco, Driscoll was in full-on pussification mode by his own definition. I just can't figure out where.
That forum thread is nuts. It gets way worse than the excerpt Brendan posted.
One of his repeated responses to men disagreeing with him is asking if they're gay.
Funny how he starts off with the image of a conference of "real men" in a phone booth.
He's either caught in a hotel with a prostitute (pick the sex) or found unconscious because he "David Carradine"-ed himself
This [see email thread] is the rock upon which their church is built.
@22: I guess, he's always bragging about how cool the church is with tattoos and "edgy" looking dudes, but all the women must dress plainly and get the blame for the menfolk's collective "porn addiction".

@26: Works for Scientology!
not sure who is more sick, MarkyMark or the people who followed him ever.....i dont feel sorry or bad for them at all. grow up and own your naivete and/or stupidity, clean up your mess. and dont ask the rest of us to feel sorry for you.
not sure who is more sick, MarkyMark or the people who followed him ever.....
Mark Wahlberg is a member of Driscoll's cult? Wow, who knew...
Jeffy said:
He's built quite an empire. I respect anyone's ability to do that. I know of no progressive Christian church to do the same.
And so he joins all the other Christian cult messiahs such as Jim Jones and David Koresh.
@36 Pretty sure that progressive Christians aren't interested in empire-building. That's a conservative obsession.
That PDF is difficult to navigate. I suggest instead going straight to Internet Archive's Wayback Machine archive of that Mars Hill forum thread and browsing it as if Mars Hill staff never tried to hide it:…">…
@36 Mars Hill Church is not progressive in any sense of the word. It is a complementation calvinist church with a theology as repressive as you can possibly imagine. One of the reasons for this awesome meltdown and the rabid appearance of Driscoll on his videos is that he and "church" are having a hard time sugarcoating this message so dumb youngsters won't notice it.
@39: Dammit, Slog. Cute, paste, remove asterisks around the colons: https**:**//**:**//
@36: Progressives tend to avoid heavily organized religion.

The bigger the MegaChurch, the more corrupt and like you they get.
Is there a documentary filmmaker in town filming the downfall? Now is the time to grab that camera!

It's going to be a huge fall from grace, and I'll be cheering as that bigoted cult closes church after church and the "for lease" signs start to appear...and we all know it WILL happen.
@45 or there could be the "ive seen the error of my ways, forgive me, 40 days in the desert, start a new church, redmption" story for mark d. kinda like jimmy swaggert et al. there are a lot of sheep waiting to be fleeced, so i wouldnt write that one off
A personal note from me as a former fundamentalist Christian who lived in Seattle re: the Mars Hill/ Mark Driscoll controversy.

This pastor has a history of making outrageous statements and behavior that really should be a concern for anyone that has been through any type of religious and or spiritual abuse and is still a member of his flock.

I wrote this almost 2 years ago. It is still applicable today and speaks directly to the problem with the type of church's that are perpetuating spiritual and religious abuse of it's elders and former members. No matter what you package or disguise you wrap it in it speaks to the need for an individual to control others. That does not negate the fact that the conditioning of the psyche to submit to the power of the group and or leader is flat out dangerous to the mental and emotional makeup of any one individual..

The greatest threat to any cult/organization/ group/ and or belief system is when we no longer let others tell us who we are. What we are.Repetition may be the mother of all study but if we don't move forward in life it's just monotonous parroting of someone else's perspective. or closer to the mark to say others opinions or judgments which is really a messed up way to create and live one's life.

To face one's demons head on. Without psychobabble BS or long explanations to others, or jumping through hoops and designs of others to appease and gain the approval of others..that's the beginning of real freedom. I

It's comforting to know there's those of us out there who don't blindly assassinate our brains in the name of right theology, ideals, and who won't sacrifice our very individual souls to gain a new lease on life that looks like, sounds like, and walks like everyone else...

This is not a bashing of spirituality or religion or church as a whole. I have returned to my Episcopal roots and have found comfort and sound direction in my spiritual path. This is a warning to those who will completely give themselves over to a leader's authority or church rule. Mars Hill is now and has been on the radar, and the multiple problems surrounding this pastor are already well documented.

And while he is so quick to judge others, I ask you Pastor Driscoll where is the humility and contrite heart for your arrogance, pride, and hate of any one that dares question you.?

.In closing to all members of Mars Hill "Don't drink the Kool-Aid".. Though it may go down smooth in the end it will sting like a serpent.


Von Brumbach
It seems the skeletons are all being brought out of the closet in the MH situation. I do pray that truth prevails, and God's will be done. Would that the leaders of Sovereign Grace during the CJ Mahaney crisis had been as honest. Other than Josh Harris and companies response I don't see that SGM allowed the truth, nor required of CJ proper repentance. Those who had suffered at the hands of SGM cult-like leadership in places were mostly painted as vile gossips. That was not a process that led to true restoration. (we belonged to a SG church for a few years, 96-99, and left due to the clear signs of abusive control and secrecy, as well as an arrogant form of reformed theology. Though there were also so many good and lovely aspects of the ministry as well, the bad became intolerable) The LORD will judge His church and bring sin into the light... we are wise when we humble ourselves and cooperate with His spirit, in breaking our own pride with His help. This is how restoration and renewed ministry can come about. I hope that will be the result in the MH situation.
I would let Driscoll do me, I'll bet he give a mean blow job. In fact, I'll bet he's a ball licker. He probably has a small to average cock, so I don't have to worry that he's going to "ream" me a "new one", in fact I'll bet after a bit of foreplay, he's a "bottom".
What? A firebrand, voice of god preacher turns out to be an egotistical, self-serving asshole? This must be the first time this has happened in the entire history of christianity!

No fucking shit. The most surprising thing about it is that there are people who are actually surprised.
@arthr- it is NOT degrading for a man to love & have sex with another man, have a small cock or be a bottom. So quit parroting these jokes as if they should be used to insult the dignity of any man. Mark Driscoll is an open heterosexual so there is no need to use homophobia to put him down!!!
The Romney 47% remark is probably not your best comparison because, well....because it's true. Driscoll's rant, however crude, is true too.
Comments # 48 and # 49 should be deleted immediately. Those are two very EVIL PEOPLE.

They will both burn in hell for all eternity and they will burn there forever. # 48 is totally INSANE!!
Please delete comments # 48 and 49 as these are both very EVIL people and EVIL comments. They are both mentally deranged!!