Lunchtime Quickie: Damn, Cats! What Will They Figure Out How to Do Next?


What is it that you need sir? I assume you're a man. Would you like to talk on the telephone? Would you like some truth? I'll give my #

Or is it simply more fun for you to obsess? Aren't you getting bored? Aren't there more exciting people to troll?
That cat is an asshole. Yeah I understand filling the catch tray and drinking from it, but just hanging onto the lever and letting the water get all over the floor? Dick move, cat.
@2: You're a woman on the Internet. You're a talented woman making her living in the public eye and these facts grind, grind grind on him. He can't stand it! How dare you missy! Who do you think you are?! Every day he comes here to see if you have posted. Every day. He must, MUST! put you in your place!
And he will never get bored.
I suggest that some one in the office read the comments before you do, and scrub him off, so that 1) you won't ever have to see him, and 2) he knows you'll never see him, and that he is forever invisible and mute to you.

Oh he'll hate that a lot.
@Kelly O Was that a Sleepwalkers reference thrown into your post?
@5 - Yes! That was a such a weird horror movie, to make us afraid the kittehs!…

And @4 - THANK YOU. Thank you a million gazillion. I'm a real human, and not a bad one, either. The troll war is a modem day witch hunt. It gets better? I hope. SLOG needs more humanity

@6: Any time Kelly O. :)
Every time that loser piece of shit troll registers I go out of my way to report him.
You have lots of friends on Slog, so don't lose heart.
@7 - my sincerest thank you, again. You have made my day with your kindness