Network of Evangelical Churches Remove Mark Driscoll from Membership, Call for Him to Step Down as Mars Hill Pastor and "Seek Help"


Huge news for who exactly? A bunch of asshole right wing greedy fuckers kicked one of their fellow asshole right wing greedy fuckers out of their club? Seriously, who give a fuck?
Well, it actually DOES seem pretty damn huge for exactly that reason. A hyperconservative church or organization, instead of circling the wagons, actually calling out abusive behavior from one of their own? I call that progress; however meager it might be, it represents a step in the right direction.
@2, the only people who can change this are the brainwashed hyper conservatives who attend these proto-Nazi organizations. Mark Driscoll gets knocked down he'll just be replaced by another guy who'll be worse.

And the only reason they kicked him out is because it's costing THEM money in their own churches. "We're not THAT bad so we'll disassociate him from us so keep coming to our psyco-righist church down the street!!" This isn't some movement in the right direction: this is about protecting the other members churches tithing levels. Gotta pay for that 2014 BMW somehow!!
All according to the script.

All that's left is for him to be caught recklessly speeding with a meth pipe in his mouth and an unconscious rent boy in the trunk of his car.

And then maybe in couple years a book deal/reality show where he pleads for redemption.
@1&3 - I call bullshit. If you don't give a fuck, then why bother taking the effort to leave a comment at all? @2 - agreed.
@5 - Because he prides himself on being bitter and cynical and likes showing off just how much he is both of those things at every opportunity.
@1&3 - this is the biggest church in the city, so I'd say it's significant news.

I don't think this is necessarily paving the way for "another guy who'll be worse". The point of what's going on right now is that people inside and outside of Mars Hill DON'T want things run the way Driscoll is running them. I think what's more likely is that MH de-centralizes into smaller congregations. Some will no doubt cling to the doctrine that produced this monster in the first place. Like you say, the only people who can change this long-term are the people who choose to show up every Sunday.
@2, so right.
Great graphic, Paul!
It is "big news"to those of us that have watched the MD train wreck...finally
I've wondered why the Mars Hill congregations don't simply draw up a contract, bully Driscoll with some senior executive members, and publicly shame him. You know, what he does to them. Certainly there's more of them than there are of him. Certainly the discipline is "all in God's plan".
But that would require personal initiative and bravery, wouldn't it. Maybe even some thought.
I would praise Jesus, if I believed in him.
But as long as he is born again, again, or again, then he will be Godly. Just sprinkle some magic water on him or whatever cleanses people of sin?
And for those calling this progress, I think a better term is "Damage Control." They aren't progressing the church. . . They used him to spread the church, then realized he was damaging public relations and now wants to distance themselves.

Listen; progress isn't a full circle. The Evangelical church network is right where they started without this guy, except with more internet-media-clout, which is certainly, and arguably, the opposite of progress, depending on your point of view. So in the end, the only people who see this as progress are those people who care how the Evangelical church is viewed by the masses. I don't know why, but something makes me doubt this is the only corrupt person in the 'Network of Evangelical Churches," call my a cynic.
Hey Mark Driscoll, God called. She said for you to put on a frilly maid uniform, dust the house, and feed your wife Grace peeled grapes. Then promote your women deacons, sell your Woodway house, buy a four-bedroom in south Seattle, and go save those Christian women and girls in Nigeria from Boko Haram.
And if common sense = progress, society's got a long way to go!

Who cares? They're just not that into us, the Christians. Are you holding out until the American Family Association elects a lesbian president? Fuck this assimilationist shit.
It's not just huge news for "asshole right wing greedy fuckers," or just for those who are still involved with the church. It's big news for everyone who has has issued legitimate complaints against MD and MHC over the past decade and been ignored. Surely some of them are still conservative, but even cursory attention to Mars Hill over the years demonstrates there are plenty of others who have gone towards the left after leaving MH.
@7 "this is the biggest church in the city"

By what measure?

I believe that you could double the number of people who attended Mars Hill, and there would still be an order of magnitude more Catholics.
@17: You're not wrong. It is indeed a sad state of affairs, but would you really say that our society, ESPECIALLY in regard to fundamentalist religion, is in fact largely ruled by common sense? I certainly wouldn't claim that this one piece of good news means everything is fabulous forever, or even solidly okay! But I stand by my assertion that this IS good news.
And maybe now we can stop writing about it, because holy fuck am I ever sick of that picture and MD's stupid smarmy face.
He knows there are plenty of stupid people who are willing to throw money at him the moment he starts saying "Jesus!". He'll just open another church/cult.
Those who believe this is "no big deal" in our community aren't listening. Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill have wreaked untold damage over the years to not just those in their church. Their attitudes, their bigotry and their "values" have affected the entire Seattle area. If you know anyone still going to this cancer of a "church", you will know that the only way this cult comes to a screeching halt is that the leadership of not just Mars Hill, but the Acts 29 boys have now decided there is no reasoning or controlling Driscoll or his sickness any longer. Mars Hill continues their defiance in the face of national press demanding Driscoll's resignation. In other words, he's not accountable to anyone, including the God he claims to serve, and he has 14,000+ still believing there's nothing wrong.
And with this act, Acts 29 confirmed, made, and acknowledged that Mars Hill, it's leader, and all it's followers are indeed a cult. I can say with no pity, as a Christian who lost someone to this organization, I have no sympathy for this church or its followers. You practice what you preach and you are all responsible.

I expect with the resignations and this bold act that there is more here we have not yet heard about, but we will. Anybody that gives their time or money to this organization is a fool and shouldn't be given any sympathy.

Couldn't happen to a greater dictatorial minister that has convinced himself that he is a God unto himself - This is similar to the church in Burien of not so long ago - these people get their minds all twisted around misinterpreted scripture and this is where it ends up - hope he is gone....but knowing his past actions he'll do his best to stick around and cloud matters up even worse ! At least we know now there were already massive attempts to deal with him.......
Wait a minute, I recognize him! That's Edgar! You know, Edgar, the husband in Men In Black. But not Edgar the husband - Edgar the former husband whose skin is being worn by the giant space cockroach.

Ohhh, now I get it..... MARS hill.
Now if only the republican party could do the same thing with the worthless people they have running the dog and pony show in Washington, this country would be a better place. First order of business would be to rid of boner and his puppet mcconell, hopefully in 2014 that will happen.
#1, if you had any idea what these people and their doctrine of spiritual warfare did to the utterly unprepared KIDS in this city you'd have a different perspective.

I am assuming you weren't working in public(as in, food) in the past ten years?

Hi, what the fuck is a demon again? Why are you going out intentionally being awful in droves?

What the fuck is a jezebel?

Why you you being so fucking pathetically low that it breaks any conception of humanity and reality I ever had and my eyes go red.

Day after day?

He'll be back, though.

#20, online sermons.
I had to learn this shit after it all started, but the name of the organization is analogous to a siege mound.

Which is how you take fortified cities.

You pile up dirt and walk over the wall.

And wage war in the 4th dimension. So low that, like I said, it breaks any conception of decency, humanity, and morality you ever had and makes your eyes red.

Which makes Dan Gabe. Until he no longer serves their purpose. Then Dan gets enraged.

Ad nauseum.

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The Michael of Mars Hill hath been slewn.
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@15 is right. This is damage control; they just don't want to be associated in the public eye with him anymore. The theology will be the same. As for the hurt he's caused people, that doesn't make what this association is doing a big deal; it's just a big deal to those hurt people because they can see him punished. They deserve some sort of satisfaction. But this won't mean that others with the same need for control won't cause the same type of damage; they just won't let it be public, because this association will step on those pastors a lot sooner than they're stepping on Driscoll. The product is what's important, not the person.
I think the newcomers and the long-married virgins are starting to get it.

Wouldn't you agree.
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If you're lucky, the lord almighty will even provide you with an Iranian family to sit atop the hotel and look over the city with, until things cool down.

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@2 Katie Allison and @28 longwayhome: Right spot ON! Let's hope the GOP, Tea Party, ad nauseum kill and eat each other into mass extinction.

At least for right now, MD is going down in flames by his own neofascist cult members, and that's a start.
Here's to the day that 10,000 people attack 8 million Chinamen in physical reality and kill every. Single. One.

By all that is holy, we look forward to it.

Like I said.

You guys really did me well.
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Spent 20 minutes deleting unregistered comments, what are these cowards afraid of? Jesus coming down to dispense justice? Come out and join the fun.