Why I'm Leaving Death Cab for Cutie


Best of luck!
Horrible band
Oh man... How sad. DCfC is one of my favorite bands and has been since I was a teen. I hope they'll be able to find a solid replacement, but I fear some of the magic will be lost from here on out...
I really can't see how they continue without Walla. He was the backbone of their sound. I don't follow them like I did in the late 90s-early 00s, but it's still sad.

Has it really been 16 years since Something About Airplanes? Wow.
Part of me kind of hopes they disband after the tour. I don't think making an album without Walla is still DCFC. Unlike when Good and Schoor left, the loss of their creative genius and veteran is bound to make a huge impact on the sound and direction of the group. I love DCFC, they've been there for me growing up, but I believe that continuing without him would basically be the equivalent of forming a whole new band. I love Walla, I love his genius, I love his ability to make music hit home to many fans and I wish him the best of luck. Who knows, maybe we'll get that tour for Field Manual finally.

Thank you Chris for being a part of a group that has defined my entire life. Best of luck!
That ending is more than a little disturbing in light of Robin Williams. If darkness knocks, Chris, you don't have to even answer the door—

A good article in an unusual place.

Also: Rob Delaney

And this.
Hoping this means a follow-up to Field Manual. As good as any DCFC album since Transatlanticism.
I find it very difficult to believe that The Darkness want this guy in their band.
What's the over/under on a reunion album/tour. Seven years?

Now Modest Mouse will reign supreme!
At least he's going to continue erring on the side of benevolence and beauty. I was wondering about that.
Good luck!
Get out while the gettin' is good!
Not cute anymore?
I live in Australia and I've been lucky enough to see Death Cab For Cutie preform three times. I was tremendously fortunate to meet them face to face once. Chris has always been someone I looked up to as a kid. Death Cab, as cliche as it sounds literally got me through Primary and Secondary school. I moved around a ton growing up with my elder Brother. We were never really in the same place for very long so forming friendships let alone trying to keep them felt as if it were impossible. Being introduced to them at such a young age was an odd experience for 12 year old. I think I was 13 when Transatlanticism came out, an album which to this day remains my favourite record of all time. When I first listened to them it wasn't the stereotypical "fell in love with this band" moment. To tell you the truth it was so different to what I "knew" music to be at the time. I didn't like it at first, but something kept me hooked. So I kept listening, alone at school, on the bus, in my room, usually alone. I felt like I was gaining something. It as if listening to a Death Cab record was giving me the same emotional growth you'd get from reading a great book. It didn't feel like music at all. It felt like poetry and I grew to love them. From then on, I followed them avidly. The last time I saw them was actually the first time my elder Brother saw them live. He had missed the last two shows due to unforseen circumstances. I remember glancing at him as he sang along in pure bliss mesmerized by the sheer aura and allure of their sound. It's something I will never forget. Death Cab for Cutie will not be same without Chris. He was a key cornerstone to the band and it will honestly feel as if the band is a completely new entity without him. All the best to Ben, Jason and Nick. I will definitely continue showing you support. And to Chris I want to say thank you. Thank you for contributing to who I am as a decent human being. Thank you DCFC for giving us something special. Brightened and beautiful souls.
hopefully this will give him time to produce Martin Rossiter's next record. I know he's interested
During their Bumbershoot show following Transatlanticism I remember someone throwing a flip flop onstage near Walla. From then on, Chris's stage banter turned towards shyly acknowledging the flip flop, how gross it was and wondering about it's shoeless owner. It was existential, a great show, and him and Ben killed it on Transatlanticism as always.
I wonder if the fact that their music has been going way downhill ever since they signed to Atlantic has anything to do with it?
Never heard of 'em.
if a tree falls in a forest.........
no one fucking cares. take this shit back to line out and stay there!
I've known about them but I'd never heard their music, so I went to YouTube and clicked on the first thing that came up, which was a video for a song called "You Are a Tourist".


I could only make it through a minute or so. When the guy started singing I pretty much gave up. I had to listen to Slayer to get me back to normal again. It sounded way too much like Christian indie shit. LAME. They do sound like a bunch of precious wimps.
"Darkness may find me, but I shall never choose it."
Does it have anything to do with "I'll follow you into the dark" ?
Get ready for 'The Ben Gibbard Experience'
I know this guys!
Very important persons...
Hey Death Cab! You shaped me as a human being, helped me find strength in myself to fall in love. To face struggles. Too start playing music, and find my place in life.

I hope Nick can find what he looks for, and that the darkness can pass by.

I live in Sweden and I only got the chance to see you once (the second concert was on the day of my college graduation, 500 miles away. I still somewhat regret my graduation... ;) )

If this is the end, I will miss you forever!