King County Metro Will Offer Reduced $1.50 Fare to Low Income Riders


how will the Orca reader know which fare, low-income or "high-income", to charge the card?
What would stop somebody from just saying they're unemployed to get a reduced fare card? This system (as described in the article) seems really simple to game…especially since ORCA cards are easily transferrable. Plus, are they saying 2 x $23,340 is the low income benchmark? $23,340 is legitimately under salaried, but ~$47,000 for a single dude is not poor.
@2 I had the same question about the eligibility threshold, it's poorly worded. I would imagine they meant the lower amount.

Logistically speaking, I'm guessing they'd manage this the same way they manage student and senior ORCA cards. There is a risk of abuse, but that's true for those programs too. I think this is a step in the right direction.
Who cares if a few people game the system? The benefits outweigh that risk.

The current federal poverty threshold is $11,670 for one person. $23,340 is twice the amount and is the maximum amount to qualify for this program.

On another note, it's cute that you think the federal poverty guidelines are that generous.
@2,3 that confused me a bit too. The poverty line is $11670 for a single person.
This should help, among many others, UW students that rely on their bus passes during the school year but who lose coverage during summers. Grad student stipends come well under $23000.
So... how many more Metro routs/trips will have to be canceled because of this?
@1 it's coded on the card just like disabled or youth fares
10 know who is in the state legislature who has been steadfastly refusing to raise taxes on the wealthy or in any progressive form?

Frank Chopp.

Why don't you call on him to make changes at the state level regarding funding?
Oh, and Fnarf, before you go harping on the trasportation package that was passed by the House last year and trying to blame the senate Republicans and yadda yadda yadda.

Raising gas taxes (regressive) and motor vehicle tab fees (hella regressive) are not raising taxes in a progressive form. The transportation package that was passed last year by the house, which followed the billions of dollars in corporate welfare for Boeing, was regressive as fuck.
"like a rare pokemon"?

jesus, try not to be so nineteen.
#1 The same way that it knows who has a senior, youth or disabled card. ORCA has software that allows for different fare categories. In other words - there's an app for that.
Good for Dow!
You mean people pay the bus fare?

Your comment might make sense - if this was 2001. But, given that Pokemon has been around for nearly 20 years, it's entirely likely many original players are in their late 20's or early 30's, which sounds pretty much like a large portion of SLOG's demographic, in which case the pop-culture reference seems entirely appropriate.
It's very cool that this option will require an ORCA card. I'm all for making the transit riding process more time efficient, especially if this program is the first step towards ORCA universality. Quicker dwell times is an incredibly worthwhile outcome.

"“The average fare income per boarding, after accounting for every discount, is $1.14,” "

That is as of June 9 of this year. So, I guess the "low-income fare" ($1.50) is actually an INCREASE for the average Metro bus rider.

How much are they going to raise the non-low-income fare? That should at least be doubled, so that the average fare is at least $2.28, instead of the current $1.14.
right so what if a few people commit fraud and benefit. it's just public money. and lying, so what. taking funds that should go to truly poor, so what? it's public money.

hey it's just copper for native kids. so what if the public loses money. hey it's just a school property, so what if we give up $4 million in selling to B not to A. hey it's just 1% for the arts, so what if anyone can print out stunning art from the itnernet, it's just public money, why those art rocks costing $350K at maple leaf park are a BARGAIN. Hey, so what if we give out millions to billionaires, so what if we have low performing bus routes. why, just raising the questions should be banned. it's public money, it's OKAY TO WASTE IT.
@18. Current fare is $2.25 and $2.50 during peak times.
Youth and Access riders pay $1.25. Seniors and riders with disabilities pay $0.75 a ride. Children 5 and under are free.
So if I smell like piss I get a discount?
@7, really ? Depends on your department I guess but grad student stipends I experienced were just above the level needed for cheap orca card. Doesn't matter much, since the grad students had to buy the UPass because they were students.
This is not news. It has been mentioned in many articles in the last year.
@24: The confirmed details were just announced. But if you already knew all that I guess you could have skipped this story.