Hey, Seattle: Tell Me One Good Thing!


The Stranger suckered one of their former crack reporters to blog for them for the week. Obviously she's down on her luck, but it's good news for the rest of us.
Weird that a link to an out-of-state shooting takes precedence over a double murder that transpired in Kent (that's south of Capitol Hill, still in King County).

Good news: I don't have to cover up my hair or knees, because no misogynistic barbarians are running things where I live.
Good news: paid over 50% principal on my Seattle house with this month's payment, and 25% of my mortgage this month. Less than nine years and $100K to go!
@1: That's what I was going to say...

@Cienna: Mo'ne Davis is on the cover of Sports Illustrated.
You're back.
Good news: I just get better-looking every day.
I aced my Calculus Final

And there's a Sounders game tonight where we will regain at 1st in the MLS standing
"A kitten dipped in gravy" is both the worst and the best analogic phrase ever. Say you're back for good, Cienna. For good meaning open-ended employment; even one more day would be for good.
From Reddit, look how fast this puppy decides to trust: http://i.imgur.com/hcc0iD3.gif
@6: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCsNunGn… (my personal anthem; willing to share)

@9: That's a delight.
I have a loaf of homemade bread in the oven right now to go with dinner. And it smells wonderful.
@9: Thank you.

Cienna: Could this be a regular slog thing? At least as long as you're here?

@11: What's for dinner?
• U-District light rail construction appears ahead of schedule.
• Elwha River dam removal project is close to completion.
• I didn't read about any drunken drownings at Seafair.
• The San Francisco Giants won their protest and get to complete yesterday's rain-delay-fiasco game tomorrow (not Seattle-based I know, but good news to this resident).
• Scarecrow will live on.
• There are free blackberries everywhere.
• It's a damned fine evening to be outside right now.
Don't let Lennie Small try that.
Well, Giants are up 8-2 in the bottom of the sixth right now.
@15 - indeed! A damned fine evening to listen to baseball on the porch.
I have a huge hard-on for my girlfriend - whom I live with.
@12 - Beef stew, loaded up with carrots, parsnips, turnips, potatoes, and peas. And plenty left over for another couple of dinners. Returning happiness is twice as nice. :D
@18: Sounds tasty! Stew with fresh bread is a delight.
Ft. George 3-Way IPA is a really tasty beer. Also my dog is very cute.
@21 "my classmate's ex-wife makes $62 /hour on the internet ."

Normally, I just report you as spam, but I'd like to take a moment to agree that this is good news.
@21 is a spam

Oh, and they found the missing Japanese climbers ...
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