This Week in Republican Minority Outreach


It's a very real possibility Rick Perry is an ignorant douche-bucket - and I have plenty of evidence for that.
After forcing myself to read the NYT article this morning sharing the grotesquely common, racist views of white Starbucks customers in St. Louis, the only conclusion seems to be that it's going to take yet another generation of these horrid ignoramuses dying off before we make any real social/racial/economic progress in this country. These supposed adults totally lack empathy, self-awareness, and basic human fucking decency, and it's not like they're ever going to learn or change.
ending the president’s program to defer deportation

It's federal law, passed under Bush. How is this the "president's" program?
Cable news has apparently gone to full ISIS 24/7 now, if that's any help. CNN was on at the restaurant where I ate lunch and the entire time I was there it was "ISIS IS HERE IN THE US". Earlier I learned that immigrant children are HIGHLY TRAINED WARRIORS. In order to preserve our freedoms I now believe that we must all shoot to kill, at random.
@ 4,

They're totally partying with Jan Brewer's headless bodies in the Arizona desert and the commies hiding under every bed.
Well, the hype does have its basis in fact given ISIS's own stated goals and the passions of its members.
@6- Thank you for providing further proof that all republicans are mentally and developmentally challenged cowardly morons easily misled because they fear everything.
Not that further proof was needed, but thanks.
@6, shut the fuck up and start shooting your gun. I don't care where, just start shooting. Only you can save us.
So Paul Constant, a wealthy white liberal, writes an article calling Rand Paul racist...and makes fun of Ben Carson, an African American political activist, author, and doctor, in the same article.

It's not racism when a colonialist* piece of fascist shit like Paul Constant does it, now is it?

And for the record, I can't stand Rand Paul either.

(welfare colonialism best describes the DemoKKKrats attitude towards African Americans and other people of color. )
@9, No one called anyone a racist except you, just now.
@9: You're accusing Paul Constant of racism, but you're the one claiming that an attack on the statements of Mr. Ben Carson is racist. What did he say that had any bearing on Mr. Carson's race?
Are you saying that any attack on a black man's ideas is racist? Dude, expressing such a thought would be a white supremacist's wacky caricature of a liberal in a nutshell.
@10 & 11
I didn't say anyone was racist. I just said that Paul Constant's words were racist. Many people do and say racist things without realizing it all the time. For example, a city bans unlicensed commuter vans, but what the city officials don't realize is it's mostly non-white immigrants who use them. They are not racist, but they did something that has racist consequences without knowing it.
Reading comprehension is fundamental.
@12: Nice quibble.
Note that I (correctly, I believe) construed your post as claiming that Mr. Constant had made a racist argument or statement against Mr. Carson. Note also that I emphasized the total lack of any racial element, whether overt or covert, in Mr. Constant's said statement. What about Mr. Constant's statement had anything to do with race? If you think there are dog-whistles in the whopping one sentence in question, please point one out.

As far as the racial-equality high ground goes, YOU are the one who's in favor of eliminating the minimum wage so that racial minorities can work for less pay just to stay employed. Unfortunately, you somehow have it in your head that such a position makes you a friend to oppressed ethnicities. Honestly, I think that's fucked-up.
@12, You also said Paul called Rand Paul a racist. Since we've already established that I don't know how to read, can you please point out exactly where he did that? I would also appreciate it if you would specify the racist things he said about Dr. Ben Carson, please.
In an article about race, MR Paul Constant attacks the GOP for minority outreach and then attacks a black Republican while NOT EVEN MENTIONING that he is black. He is obviously writing a propaganda piece to show the GOP as an all white and racist party, and the fact that he doesn't admit as such proves that he has an agenda.

As for the minimum wage, I will try to explain this using smaller words and hopefully you will understand: historically, the minimum wage has been used as a tool of state sponsored white supremacy. Source:…
Basically, if a black or Latino youth comes from a failing public school, he or she will have a harder time getting a job then a white youth who came from a nicer school. It is no secret that the public schools fail to give minority students the skills it gives to their white counterparts. So, to get a good job, the minority student can only hope to get hired at a low paying, entry level position and work their way up.

But, if the minimum wage is too high, then no employer will give low skilled workers a chance to prove themselves and work their way up to a better position. So, the white youth gets hired while the minority youth doesn't.

I understand that "working for less" is just a temporary thing and that if given the opportunity that that first job can provide, minority youth can and will earn promotions and raises. You seem to be insinuating that it is impossible for an African American or Latino youth to work their way up the latter and that they need a higher minimum wage because they can't get a promotion on their own. Who sounds more like a racist here, me or you?

And Dr. Walter Williams explains this very simply here:…

And the other question is this: what number is greater, $9.32/hour or $0/hour? That math is simple enough. Saying someone shouldn't have any job at all, even if it offers the opportunity for advancement, because it doesn't pay enough to fulfill your own white liberal goody-goody feelings is fucked up to say the least.

This is more of that white liberal racism. The idea that African Americans and Latinos are incapable of running their own lives, earning their own raises and need white liberals to run them is the worst form of racism alive today and it is destroying the black community.
I NEVER said he called Rand Paul a racist, I said "he wrote an article saying Rand Paul is a racist." For most readers who have more then an eighth grade understanding of the English language they would see that I'm referring to the tone of the article itself, and not a single quote.
And yes, if you have an article calling an organization (The GOP) incapable of attracting minorities while mocking a member of said organization (Ben Carson) without mentioning that he himself is a minority, the agenda becomes clear.

Paul is a white, privileged liberal douche bag who can't even write proper white liberal propaganda for his hipster audience.
@16: "I NEVER said he called Rand Paul a racist, I said 'he wrote an article saying Rand Paul is a racist.'"

I'm pretty sure that quote right there gave me cancer. And you wonder why people don't take you seriously...
@15: So according to you, it's racist to NOT mention that a guy is black when you're talking about his ideas and positions. That's funny. I've been under the impression that talking less about the color of a guy's skin and more about the words coming out of his mouth, being in effect RACE-BLIND, is actually just the opposite of racism.
@16, Forgive me for reading below the 8th grade level, but how exactly is "[writing] an article saying Rand Paul is a racist" different than calling him one? I'll give you a free pass on answering that question if you can answer this one: where in the article that Paul wrote does Paul say that Rand Paul is a racist (not to be confused with my original comment asking for clarification where Paul called Rand Paul a racist)?

Also, while the "agenda" may have come clear for you, I'm still struggling with my <8th grade reading comprehension here. You never mentioned anything about "the agenda" in your original comment, you only implied that making fun of [African-American Republican] Dr. Ben Carson was an act of racism, and I asked you to clarify how it's racist. Still curious about that one.