California to Allow Dogs at Restaurants


I'm waiting for the first restaurant to ban children and allow dogs.
Outdoors? Maybe. That phrase "under control" could have a lot of interpretations.

This "love me, love my dog (or kid)" is not any diner's obligation. The obligation is for the owner/parent to keep control so other diners are not bothered or disturbed.

I'd say it's on the restaurant owners/managers to make sure that happens or I would not come back.
It's only at outdoor tables, so if you don't like dogs, eat inside. Or dine at any of the thousands of CA restaurants that choose not to allow dogs.

It's like abortion or a gay wedding. If it doesn't float your boat, then don't do it. No one is making you do it.

Or what about a dog only restaurant that bans people altogether? Shit, I need to get me a kickstarter going!
Charles, who has posted a thousand SLOGs about how many problems he has with dogs, has posted again a problem he has with dogs. This time stating "I don't have a problem with dogs". Yes, Charles, you do. I go to restaurants with my dog all the time. Too bad for you that you don't know she is there. You enjoy having a fit about dogs and her behavior is so kept you'd just have to hate her mere presence.
This is just too chaotic, too intense for many of us who just want to eat in peace.

Okay. Perhaps you're unfamiliar with this whole freedom thing.

They aren't mandating restaurants allow dogs. They are saying they CAN if they want.

Therefore: Go to restaurants that DON'T allow dogs.

Problem solved.
Good thing you don't live in California then, you jackass.
@6: Perhaps you're unfamiliar with this whole freedom thing.

They aren't mandating you read Charles' pieces. They are saying you CAN if you want.

Therefore: Don't read Charles' pieces.

Problem solved.

if only all of Slog call and response was like this
Remote-controll accomplished :)

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@ 1, it would be good to know we have no danger of crossing paths that way.
@11: I think you misunderstand... for the humor. I certainly wouldn't go.
I'd avoid a restaurant if it became a haven for barking, aisle-blocking, or otherwise annoying dogs. But that's fine; if the restauranteur can make more money by trading my custom for dog lovers', more power to them.
People already do this in Seattle, because people take their dogs wherever the fuck they want. Coffee shop, restaurant, grocery store...sometimes they even eat at the table with people. And employees go along with it for fear of service dog allowances, which never apply.
Also, there are the dogs that find it hard not to stare at you as you eat—moist and sad dog eyes glued on your face and the food on your fork. This is just too chaotic, too intense for many of us who just want to eat in peace.

And homeless people, too. Don't forget homeless people. Don't you just hate it when you sit down someplace to enjoy the meal you just purchased and you notice some sad and moist homeless eyes glued to your face and the food on your fork? It's chaotic and intense for those of us who just want to eat in peace.
you all sound like such a bunch of bitches. yeesh!
"Now, I don't have a problem with dogs. Some of my best friends own dogs."
Took the words right out of my mouth. Don't like same sex marriage? Don't marry someone of the same sex. Don't like abortion? Don't have one. Don't like weed? Don't smoke it (leaves more for me!) If you don't like dogs, just eat at a restaurant that doesn't allow dogs. Simple as that.

I just got home from Chuck's Hop Shop ( a beer/cider bar and bottle shop) where both kid's and dogs are welcome. It was a non event other than petting somebody's dog being great way to start a conversation and I enjoy the ice cream they have for the kids. If kid's or dog's don't float your boat than you can get takeout or have food delivered.
@8 ftw
thanks for that !!
There are completely well behaved silent dogs. I've seen them in London, where they are off leash, heel perfectly, and able to navigate through a busy city on and off the Tube, through crowds at Trafalgar Sq, elevators, escalators, through traffic, etc. effortlessly and without any additional commands. Never begging, sniffing at strangers, sniffing at the surroundings, none of that. I've only seen a dog that well behaved here once, interestingly a hunting lab whose owner apologized for him just because he made eye contact. I don't know if a lot of people know a dog can be trained to those specs, I wish they did. You could take a dog like that to an opera, a circus, a cattle roundup, a hospital, a demolition derby, a church and it would be fine.
I would rather have dogs at a restaurant then screaming hyperactive kids. I was at a favorite burger takeout place last week and I had to step outside to get some peace from three disfunctional 8 year olds that were totally out of control and their parents didn't do anything.