Youth Pastor Watch: A Den of Wolves


He works in mysterious ways.
Know what's still true, Savage?

There are a few sick men who use their position of trust to prey on kids. But the vast majority of pastors are men and women dedicated to making a better world through faith, helping kids have a sense of divine love and their place in this world.

And then there are people like you, all of whom seek corruption and vice and degradation of young adults. There are missionaries of a sexuality better suited to animals than human beings infesting college campuses with their foul presence, like you. There are people whose evil knows nearly mo bounds who attack family and marriage and basic integrity, being incapable of any of them and trying to destroy them out of spite.

There is no excuse for pastors who violate the trust placed in them. The full penalties of the law should be brought to bear upon them. And there's no excuse for the greater evil of a thing like you.
Awwww SB. Poor soul. You try so hard. But when all your posts are the same, the troll juice just doesn't go as far as it used to.
September 2nd, 2014: The day Seattleblues finally completed the trek up his own ass by calling Dan Savage worse than a child-molesting pastor.
@3 is that you, Loveschild? Back as wankerous as ever, I see.
So when are these going to be compiled into the world's most depressing coffee table book ?
Hive of scum and villainy.
Oh and SB? When are you planning on showing us your integrity and turn your self in for your illegal activities?
A righteous man faces the consequence of his actions. Maybe your Pastor can advise you?
@9 Well there you go, I was wondering which was which. Perhaps this calls for a SLOG poll? Is Dan "Pop Pop" or is that Terry? I would also volunteer my OWN paternal grampa's kid-name: "Bobo".

Heh heh. Dan "Bobo" Savage. Heh heh.

Oh, and SB, why the HELL do you get up early the day after Labor Day to pretend to be apoplectic like that? Sleep in if that's all you have.
Liberty U creative writing extra credit assignment?
Irrational hatred is a cancer on mankind.
Is that the best you can do today SB? You aren't even trying anymore, are you?

No law which tells me to whom I may rent is valid or constitutional. Nor did I violate any laws. Non renewal of a lease isn't an eviction, as you can't seem to get that through your STD softened brain.


8 in the morning on a weekday is early to you? Hmm. As it happens,I'm generally awake and moving by 6 or 6:30. By 8:30 I've had breakfast and am fully involved in my days work.

Though as it happens this week I'm taking off. Silvers are running in the rivers.

But hey, thanks ever so much for the umm, concern.
SB is starting to sound more and more like Gollum.

I guess years of being a cave-dwelling troglodyte take their toll on the psyche. It must be lonely and painful in the dark cave of ignorance and hate that *it* crawled into.
SB@15: It's going to be pretty hard to walk that one back. Your best chance would be to apologize almost immediately, as in, this hour, otherwise, well people aren't going to exactly looking to you for moral guidance much anymore. I hope your kids never see what you wrote.
Oh, light dawns on Marblehead (that's a saying we have here in Boston). Seattleblues doesn't seem to understand that Dan is not going to turn straight guys gay, or for that matter straight women lesbian (but somehow I guess that he is less concerned with that). Now when it comes to bisexuals, that's a different story. If a hyper-religious married bisexual man is being tempted by men, then it really does come down to the sort of blather he is saying. Strongly religious monogamous bisexual men have a choice, they must resist temptation, giving in to temptation could destroy their marriage with a woman they love and enjoy having sex with. And I suppose it's natural for such a man to extrapolate his own experiences to all men, when in reality he belong to a small minority of men. And it's also natural for such a man to be bitter, after exerting such moral strength in resisting temptation, to see others taste the forbidden fruit, but to also have it become socially acceptable. Especially with the idea of monogamish thrown in for good measure.

Who bears greater culpability and inflicts greater harm- the soldiers who commit atrocities or the officer allowing or encouraging them? Who has more moral fault- students who are taught lies or the professor telling those lies?

Obviously the soldier and student aren't free of blame, and shouldn't be. But we do and should hold those who mislead them at a higher standard of fault.

Far from apology, I stand by my just words.
@6: Come to think of it, it is interesting that S. Blues showed up pretty much at the same time Loveschild went away. Hmmmm.

I'm still convinced that Loveschild was a group project --- sociology (?) students, or maybe just a group of kids who enjoyed that kind of thing. Some days it had perfect spelling & grammar, while on other days it had only a tenuous grasp of English spelling, usage & syntax, whereas Seattleblues always sounds like the same person. On the other hand, he could very well be a student project all by himself (in fact he reminds me of one of Loveschild's voices, the one most fluent in English and with the best typing skills) -- the whole "went to college, worked full time, owned a house and a boat by age 21, and don't forget my Italian villa and my textbook-perfect family life" schtick sounds like someone with a vague grasp of what real life is like. Anyone who had actually accomplished all that would (a) have better things to do than ranting on SLOG, (b) be unlikely to blow their own horn so loud, and (c) recognize that life is complex.
@26 Oh, so you want all gay couples to be in committed monogamous marriages. But Dan is in the forefront of the movement to promote gay marriage, you should be behind him 100%.

As an adopted person, I'm pretty annoyed that you think that children should be brought up in orphanages. Gay couples adopt many children that otherwise would not be adopted. For that matter, I am divorced and you are saying that I am an unfit mother to my children because I am not modelling a monogamous marriage to them, instead I am living alone. You probably feel the same about widows.

So let's see:
hates children waiting for adoption--check
hates widows and orphans--check
hates advocates for more monogamy and fidelity in the world--check
equates Dan Savage with pedophile youth ministers--check

a real piece of work.
@23, I think you may have just told yourself to shut up.
This seems like as good an opportunity as any to remind everyone that Seattleblueballs thinks the kind of sexual/marital dysfunction experienced by newlywed "pledged virgins" is something "anyone who's been married could tell you."

So maybe he's not the best person to lecture others on what constitutes healthy sexual expression. It certainly explains his impotent rage toward anyone in a healthy, sexually satisfied relationship though, doesn't it?
@25, as for standing by your words, I suspect that you will look back at them ruefully, and sooner than you expect. And I also suspect that even today, there are people whose good opinion you value, who you hope will not know you wrote those words. The notion that challenges to Christian moral authority are worse than child molestation has led many a church to a very dark place, just as it has led you to one. I hope you find your way out.

I thought he's more Buffalo Bill than Gollum.
All child molesters should be executed.
@9- It's so charitable of you to assume that Seattleblues isn't lying about his home life. I've always assumed he's posting this comments from the library in between porn surfing because his wife (who had provided for him) couldn't take his bullshit anymore.
Refusing to renew a lease BECAUSE OF A TENANT'S SEXUAL ORIENTATION is against Washington state law.
It is an unfair practice for any person, whether acting for himself, herself, or another, because of sex, marital status, sexual orientation, race, creed, color, national origin, families with children status, honorably discharged veteran or military status, the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal by a person with a disability:
(a) To refuse to engage in a real estate transaction with a person;
(d) To refuse to negotiate for a real estate transaction with a person;
(f) To discriminate in the sale or rental, or to otherwise make unavailable or deny a dwelling, to any person; or to a person residing in or intending to reside in that dwelling after it is sold, rented, or made available; or to any person associated with the person buying or renting;
(RCW 49.60.222, bolding mine.)
Please explain how the Constitution of the United States or the Constitution of the State of Washington deny said State the power to prohibit discrimination in the field of housing.
Do you think that being up and running by 8 AM is early? I'm generally at work by 5 or 6, depending on whether or not I have a truck to help unload.
@18, @34 Yeah, I was going to pop in and defend Gollum. He has a sense of humor, at least, and nearly overcomes his visceral hatred of Bagginses for a while.

Seattleblues is more like if Saruman didn't die at the end, and instead hung around lecturing people -- who are pretty much living in a second golden age -- about how much better things were when Sauron was in charge, and how orcs are evil but they're still better than hobbits, etc.
SB mimics a seep of carbuncular puss. Of course, such a seep would be far more enjoyable company.
I guess that SB has waylaid this thread, is sorta fitting.
What sick fuckers these men are. Watching 9 yr old girls etc, and these people talk of God?
Well, well, well it seems I have hit a nerve.
My comments to SB have been pulled for trolling!
Not to worry.
The gist was that Dan and Terry have a perfectly nice family which is just as good as SBs. Their son is happy and well adjusted and may someday even provide his parents with grand babies who wouldn't have to grow up in a world run by people like Seattleblues.
Oh and all of his arguments about marriage and family actually support gay marriage.

Maybe Dan didn't like me referring to him and Terry hypothetically as Grandpa and Pop Pop? I did apologize, and do so again. I wouldn't want to make them feel old before their time. :)
And I won't use their child as a talking point anymore either. Upon reflection that was inappropriate on my part.
@37- SB's views on the constitution are those of any juvenile libertarian; that anything which impedes his desire to act in any manner he sees fit is a violation of his "freedoms", and hence is unconstitutional.
@6 and @27- SB has been around forever. He polluted the threads at for years as "lostinaseaofblue", where he also went on and on with his "I'm so smart and so rich I have an Italian villa" schtick.
Interestingly after becoming Seattleblues he suddenly added an African American wife to his fantasy résumé to bolster his attempts to paint himself as the perfect rightwing archetype.
He's a weird, weird individual.
@36: LOL Well not charitable enough apparently!
wow, just read some of Seattleblues past quotes. That man is soooo defensive, angry and full of fear. Black and white, no understanding of the sheer complexity of life's messy events. We need more understanding and desire to walk in another person's shoes, Seattleblues. Try it.
Here's a question for you. Please be honest. Why do you think a gay man would want to marry his partner of many years. Here's another question….if you were born gay (and just because you believe people can't be born gay doesn't make it true, it's reality) how would you want to be treated?

Looks like some of his comments got pulled, too.
@45: Yes. At this point, it's pretty hard to follow what all the fuss was about. Biggest beneficiary of all the deletions is seattleblues, since the record of his echoing the scandalous moral calculus of decades of catholic bishops is now expunged.
@45 @46 Expunging his posts isn't enough. Frankly, his account should be banned for what he was posting.Taking potshots at Stranger staff is one thing but he was making personal attacks on a minor child. I can't imagine why they let his account stand after that.
@47: Probably the same reason fucking juche still has an account, whatever that is. I've resigned myself to the reality that we can't just execute every last Nazi, but I'd really rather not have their filth polluting the hilarious mud-wrestling pit that is SLOG.

I never knew about the monicker "lostinaseaofblue," which is basically an admission of defeat. I can see how it evolved to "Seattleblues," I guess; I always figured there was some otherwise unacknowledge devotion to the musical genre.
@25: Wow, you're so insane that even your metaphors make zero sense. In your scenario of students being taught by lying professors, for exactly what transgression are you implying the students are to be blamed?

@48: Oh, there you went and did it. Now fairly.unbalanced is going to say you advocate for the execution of people you don't like/Nazis.

You're a liar.

Pitying a child inexcusably entrusted to two perverse deviants for life isn't attacking that child.

Obviously it isn't the boys fault his life is being ruined by the two whose fault it is- Dan Savage and his boyfriend. Which is why I made no negative comment targeting the boy at all.


Yes. The word of a sick person who admires a genocidal maniac is your standard? Unsurprised.

I've never posted on Horsesass. And the name does reflect a love of a great musical form. But whatever.

What's needed are bedrock principles by which to guide life, not further compromises with evil. Which never works anyway.

Life is messy, not everything is black and white. But it gets much messier and more chaotic when the caprice of the moment is the standard we use for social systems and legislation. And evil like Savage is entirely irrational and incapable of 'enough'. Until all the world is like its festering depraved self that kind of evil keeps trying to replicate itself. Moral cancer isn't at all inappropriate as a description of the thing that calls itself Savage.
@51: "I made no negative comment targeting the boy at all."
Saying that his life is ruined because of who his parents sort of a negative comment targeting him.
And if you want to know what a liar actually is, read what I quoted in post #37 and then claim again that you're not guilty of illegal housing discrimination.
@52- "What's needed are bedrock principles by which to guide life,"

What is needed are decent bedrock principles by which to guide your life. You think consenting adults who publicly acknowledge having sex with each other are worse than adults who rape children in hiding.

You live by a terrible set of rules and you want to inflict those rules on the rest of society. You're a terrible person.
@53- Well I doubt he's actually guilty of housing discrimination because I'm fairly sure any of his comments about property ownership are lies.
@51: You keep saying his life is being ruined but you never say how his life is being ruined. Can you give a concrete example of any kind?
If he's an happy and healthy teen and grows up to be an happy, healthy productive citizen, how can his life have been ruined?
@56- Because bigots like Seattleblues will try to make him and his family miserable (with increasingly little effect, thank goodness). It's a little circular, but that's the way it is.
@51 Everyone who read your hateful comments before they were deleted is well aware of what you did and said. I stand by my statement. I can't imagine why you haven't been banned from this site. You are a hateful lying bigot. Whatever slim entertainment value you once provided as an example of a dying breed has long since passed. Fuck off back to whatever hole you crawled out of.
He hasn't been banned because he's clickbait. He also provides a visceral example of how abusive and miserable homophobic bigots can be. I mean, he just said in no uncertain terms he thinks Dan Savage is worse than pastors who exploit parents' trust to rape children. It's a twisted moral calculus not based on compassion and understanding but bitter, furious hatred and it is a fascinating sight to behold. I'm fortunate enough to never have encountered anything of this sort in my life so it's an education for me every time.

Personally I think it's a shame when his comments get deleted but I can understand why Dan wouldn't want any references to his child left here for anyone to read and those are usually the ones that get axed.
I gotta say, that last one in Texas... he's on top of the daughter in the gameroom, no door, while the mom is napping on the couch? Is that balls of steel or zero impulse control? Or maybe a fuckload of entitlement?
Why the hell would The Stranger ever ban Seattleblues?

He turns bland four comment articles into 70 comment threads which draw huge amoutns of clicks.

If Seattleblues had any brains, he would just ban himself, since all he is doing is helping The Stranger's ad revenue, and sending people fleeing from his insane bigoted positions when they realize they can not be in the same tent as his toxic ass.