Mars Hill Church Continues to Fall Apart in Public


Church members will be increasingly encouraged to give more and more, far beyond tithing and into "sell your possessions and give us the money" deals. Eventually they'll be forced to sever their ties with the godless world altogether, sell their houses, and move into church buildings, where they will find cups of Kool-Aid waiting for them.
I'd vote for a third option in which the heads of the church were prosecuted for their mismanagement of church funds. Forgiveness should not preclude justice.

What I really don't understand in all this is why people would attend a church which doesn't have any association with a recognized denomination.
@2 - it's freedom to make up whatever beliefs you like, and best of all: you don't have to pay franchise fees to the mother church.
4. Cannibal anarchy?
Best news all day. Watching this bigot-filled CULT fall apart like this is pure joy to those of us out there fighting against bigotry. I look forward to the total collapse of this hate-filled anti-LGBTQ, anti-woman church.
I like your Christ, but I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.
@2 and 3 — They're like biblical fan-fic.
Churches like Mars Hill--come to think of it, *all* churches--are excuses to print money. And to me it's no surprise that a great deal of this cash has found its way into the pockets of Mark Driscoll & who-knows-who-else at Mars Hill.

Once the stories about financial improprieties starting oozing out of the Mars Hill slime, any thinking person would have said "ENOUGH! I'm not giving these weirdos another cent of my hard-earned paycheck!"

From Mark Driscoll diverting 100's of thousands of dollars (!) to juice his NY Times book listings Driscoll buying a million-dollar-plus luxury waterfront estate (wonder where that money came from?) the apparent misappropriation of huge amounts of church funds that were given to help impoverished Africans, but instead went to add more trophies to the Mars Hill Empire the legally questionable financial transfers between Mars Hill & its connected Storyville coffeehouse chain (oh the Stories they could tell!) ......

And these are likely only the tip of the iceberg. Who knows what hasn't yet been disclosed? ...and what laws may have been broken by the self-promoting founders, elders & other strange characters that populate this strange, hateful operation? Stay tuned....
It's loneliness and fear that fills those pews, and both can be found in abundance.
Why doesn't the stranger send
A gum-shoe reporter to Mars Hill and interview people as they leave on video? Ask them if they support Driscoll position on - fill in the blank- and get them on record.
@10 - What will it accomplish? There's no story there - Driscoll's failings, high profile members leaving, and donations going way down are all public knowledge by now. There's no shortage of current & former Mars Hill members who have been willing to go on the record.

Besides, if they're still there after all that's come to light, they're probably completely sold out to Driscoll's illusions and ego.
My vote is for "close down entirely", but I hope they don't fire Driscoll before that happens. If they do — and he somehow manages to avoid legal action — he'll just say, "See, Mars Hill just couldn't make it without me." Then he'll go start a new church with the same old shitty doctrine.

I want it to be Driscoll's fingers flipping the light switches and clicking the padlocks shut.
It's truly tragic to see a church crumbling before our eyes. When those who profess to be Christians behave horribly it makes life very difficult for those who are sincere, dedicated, followers of Jesus Christ. Remember, you cannot paint everyone with the same brush.
God must be heartened that someone 'has hope' for her.
@13, Tragic? I assume that the few actual "good" Christians out there would like to see this church crumble right now, before they can do any more damage to the overall Christian image.
They should try a pussified leader next time. Somebody who is more concerned with being a decent fellow than some money obsessed tyrant, "real" man.
They are still holding into their downtown church which will be their cathedral/Vatican. Shame they are wasting such a beautiful historic building.
Can somebody tell me what the difference is between an abusive church and a sociological cult of Christianity? Is there a difference? It must be a very thin line.