Seattle Cop Defends Killer of Michael Brown, Accuses Obama of Racism


When it comes to freedom of speech, law enforcement need to be a bit more careful due to the fact that a defense lawyer for someone they arrested could use whatever they publicly say against them in order to sway the jury that officers arrested the person based on a prejudice rather than whether or not an actual crime was committed.
Ugh. What a meathead.
America is such a wonderful place to live!

BTW, the next time a cop gets shot and killed in the line of duty I'm going to assume the cop initiated and escalated the situation. I mean that's what this piece of shit is implying about us "civilians", right?

And SPD, that money you want us voters to approve this fall? Don't expect this guy to vote yes. Reform yourself and then we'll talk about money.
Chris Hall is a wuss.
i think this guy might be mentally retarded. it's not nice to make fun of people with mental disabilities.
Are the undercover SPD cops wearing Packers jerseys at Century Link Field tonight protecting us from the wolves, or dressing up like one?
As a criminal defense attorney I am seething at this idiot's comments. This guy not only needs a time out he needs a psych eval to determine whether or not he is fit for duty at this point based on the obvious anger management issues he has. Going into any situation with this mindset has already escalated the situation before the encounter ever begins. He is nothing but a bully with a badge and a walking liability.
Good god, another nightmare public servant. SPOG is a curse, just a curse. Shit shit shit.
As of 2011, we paid Sergeant Christopher G. Hall #6366 of the Seattle Police Department's West Precinct, hired in February of 1999, $112,175 per year.
This kind of thing makes me really uncomfortable. This guy sounds like an ass, but it's difficult for me to see anything here that should be actionable. People like this should be under the microscope, but all Seattle cops should be at this point. Being a right wing asshole off the clock shouldn't harm one's career if that's all there is to it. There's a lot of downside for people all over the political spectrum if we're going to scrutinize and weaponize social media against our enemies. There's enough actual misconduct in the SPD; let's focus on that.
This is NEWS? Who cares? Oh liberals I guess care what a cop does on his own time? Oh I bet all the lefties will say what he says reflects how he acts as a officer. Well I guess you are correct he believes like many our president is a joke! Also that you should not attack a police officer? Ya that may be good advice. Also Eric Holder doesn't know what it's like to be a Cop? No he doesn't, but he sure is good at arming the bad guys.
@10: Hall made $123,000 last year.
One of my uncles is a cop who spent several years of his career in charge of safety at a police firing range. I wonder what he thinks of the surplus military gear going to municipal law enforcement. Maybe I'll ask him.
He also posted this on the SPOG Facebook page on August 7 in response to a slog post about City Atty Pete Holmes' comment that he hopes people issued tickets for smoking pot in public don't pay them:

"So i guess i can drink a beer in public too, discrimination works both ways - you can't cite me because i do have a home. I think we should have happy hour on the City Hall plaza and call it Hops with Holmes"

He's also a member of the Facebook group "Support Ian Birk, Former Seattle Police Officer"
We need more cops like Officer Hall. Thank you for protecting us from scumbags. Watching Cap Hill'ers getting mugged and assaulted all summer is sweet justice.
Freedom of speech works both ways.

Sergeant Hall is perfectly free to express his (vile) opinions on his Facebook page.

I am also free to say that I don't think someone with this kind of attitude has any business being a cop.
Yeah it's guys like him that think their job is to be at war with the public that are ruining it for decent officers.
Cops suck. Duh.
I hope you are taking a look at all the other public employees who waste the cities time and money posting extremist garbage on facebook. Personally I don't want my child's teacher reposting think progress.... that being said you faggy pussies don't have the physical or mental stamina to put up with or . Police the crazies you have embraced. Keep in mind it has been ethnic immigrants committing bias crimes and rapes and it will only get worse for you urbanist if you keep going after the cops.
@8 - Could this hurt Officer Hall's credibility in court? Should he take the witness stand in a case with similar components (assaulting an officer, a black defendant, etc.), could these comments be used by the defense?
Only someone with white privilege has the time to cyberstalk a public employee. Does Ansel and rest of the junior stranger staff for that matter live in Seattle o their own dime or do their wealthy parents help them out
I often wonder what kind of person would actually want to be a police officer. I mean, what a shitty job. This paints a pretty clear picture of at least one kind of person who would do that shitty job.

Ansel and the junior staffers "work" (writing and talking) hard, maybe pay their own rent or mortgage. Although I think for these white privileged sweethearts, they should end all of their articles with "I love my mommy and daddy."
Wait I thought liberals wanted well paid public employees. I hate to break it to you. Seattle public school teachers get paid what they are worth. And if we held them to a higher wage we should get better teachers.
To #20 who said "Cops suck. Duh." When the day comes and you have to call 911, I dare you to say that to the dispatcher. I guess police are not allowed to have an opinion in this so called Democratic country.

And to #18, you are correct. It is not hard to believe that the 6'4" 300lb grown man (and not unarmed teenager) who just assaulted a store owner who was not even 1/2 his size, would be stupid and arrogant enough to attack a police officer. He clearly is not the altar boy that the media is making him out to be.

And to #24, yes it is a shitty job, especially when there are so many ungrateful citizens who are so willing to criticize and you know that a police officer is killed every 59 hours. Why would anyone do this? I'm not sure. But I hope they don't stop because if barbarians like the 6'4" 300lb grown man take over, we are in real trouble.

@ 24, welcome, SPOG shill.
Make that @ 28.
Sigh. @28 is going to be posting at least 30% of the next 70 comments.
I predict you'll be wrong yet again, seatackled. You enjoy being wrong a lot, don't you?
Seattle: where opposing murder is a radical and offensive idea to its citizens.
@28 Mike Brown was an innocent young scholar just tryna make good. That bigoted little shopkeeper should've checked his privilege. Besides, the notion of actually paying for goods and services is a social construct, and is thus yet another tool of the white oppressor and the system of institutionalised blah blah I get all my opinions from Ta-Nehisi Coates blah blah blah.
@22 just off the top of my head I think you would have to first show that it was relevant to the case. If he is just testifying to lifting fingerprints at a scene or arresting a burglar I don't see why a judge would allow it. However, if the case involved excessive force, a type of hostile arrest, a contentious interview then I would try and get it in for impeachment purposes. It would depend on a lot of factors but social media is used against our clients all the time. It's only a matter of time before it's used against officers. If this was a client charged with assaulting an officer who had an anti-cop tirade like this you can bet a prosecutor would use it to bolster their case. IMO.
I would give my left nut for someone at the stranger to have to call the police for protection.
Who's actually stupid enough to believe someone not facing serious jail time would go all out and attack a cop or go for his gun. He wasn't under investigation for a robbery. Darren Wilson didn't approach him regardinga crime. Furthermore it's been proven that video was from months earlier, not minutes before. What if Darren Wilson did grab hit him with the car door and grab him by the neck. Most red-blooded Amsricans would punch a citizen for that, but what if a cop did it? Would you fight him? What if, hypothetically, Brown was an animal who robbef a store and attacked a cop; how many times, and where should he be shot? Should the cop shoot him twice in the head after taking him down with the first 4 shots?
I've encountered militarized police many times, and I've never committed a crime in my life. Kindly go fuck yourself, Officer Douchebag.
Oh, and if you can't behave like a goddamn grownup in the face of teenagers who happen to be behaving in a way that you personally don't like, turn in your badge and give away your firearms. You aren't mature enough for them.
fuck off 28.
@22, @36

Mark Fuhrman's racism destroyed his credibility, didn't it? (I didn't really follow the OJ trial all that closely.)

How about we all stop being ideologues for a second and start being real. We've strayed so far from the facts, my head hurts.

At this point, I have no idea why there even was a confrontation between the police and Mike did we get there.

As far as Sgt. Hall, how can you talk with a straight face when you have whole Facebook sites dedicated to #StopSnitchin'?? If its the ethic of a community to protect crooks and gangmembers at all costs, then hell yes, police have a right to gripe.

How about giving up all gang memberships. How about disarming and bringing weapons out to discard stations when there is amnesty? How about no more open air shooting? How about reporting all crime, directly to police and not being ashamed or threatened (you can do it anonymously over the web, remember).

it is a good question why Obama didnt go to the generals funeral who was carrying out Obama's strategy.... perhapes just perhapes the office is right about Obama...
This guy perfectly displays the kind of mentality our police force could very much do without. "Quien es mas macho?" should not be the first question that comes to the mind of an armed civil servant. No good ever comes from it.
My questions for SPD spokesman Sergeant Sean Whitcomb are, do police Sgt. Hall's comments reflect the opinions of most of the Seattle police? Do they reflect the opinions of the police department leadership?

Violent crime is decreasing. It is at the lowest level since the 1960s, nearly 50 years ago. So why do the police now treat citizens as if they (the police) are an occupying army and we (the citizens) need to be oppressed at every turn?
My questions for SPD spokesman Sergeant Sean Whitcomb are, do police Sgt. Hall's comments reflect the opinions of most of the Seattle police? Do they reflect the opinions of the police department leadership?

Violent crime is decreasing. It is at the lowest level since the 1960s, nearly 50 years ago. So why do the police now treat citizens as if they (the police) are an occupying army and we (the citizens) need to be surveiled, bullied and oppressed at every turn?
"Brown was huge, not to mention high as a kite, and he committed a strong-arm robbery shortly before he was killed."

Wait, what does size have to do with innocence?

At this point there hasn't been a total report on what was in his system but pot. Here's what doctor interviewed on FOX said (and this is FOX News, folks):

"BADEN: The marijuana itself is irrelevant to what happened." He went on to say if the pot were laced with something else, maybe. So far, we don't know that at all.

And once again, the cop who stopped Brown and his friend DID NOT know what Brown had done. So yes, Brown may have worried that he did but the cop did not have a reason to act aggressively.

I'm thinking that the cops have some checklist of what "bad guys" look like. Works out well for the majority of serial killers, no?

Yeah, John T Williams wasn't committing any crime and still got blown away by the SPD.

I suppose he has a right to be a jerk on his own facebook page. It isn't so much what he says as what the posts say about his state of mind as a cop. He has a lot of stereotypes and assumptions about what he thinks happened to justify gunning down a kid. I think a lot of people have certain assumptions about cops who like to swagger about what "badasses" they are. I for one think this guy is exactly someone who who would be unpredictable, unstable and too dangerous to have a gun

That said, I'm betting most cops feel the way he does (which is scary). This issue came up on the campus where I work and one of the campus dispatchers referred to those of us that had an opinion about the Ferguson case as arm chair quarterbacks who should just shut up. That is what the person posted during work hours on the campus forum.
Sergeant Christopher Hall is a moron. A retard. I don't mean that in a "I strongly disagree with your wingnut opinions" sort of way, but in a "your intelligence and grasp of logic are scandalously below average" sort of way. I've met 9-year-old children with a more sophisticated understanding of how reality works.

I'm tempted to say Hall should shut up and sit at the kids table because he doesn't understand how to speak like an adult — but I would hate to inflict his toxic stupidity on innocent children. But maybe the children could teach him a thing or two about common sense.

If cops were capable of feeling shame, whoever made the mistake of hiring this imbecile and giving him the authority to brandish deadly weapons would feel obligated to fire him yesterday then immediately commit seppukku for putting the city at risk. Sergeant Christopher Hall is a menace to society.
Did this meathead post on facebook when he was on duty? If so, then he should be fired (and so should I to be fair). The city should not pay for his ranting, he can do it on his own time.
Demilitarize the police.

Do it now.

Every escalation in force is an erosion of the society and the peace that sustains it.

Those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it.
Holy crap. Doesn't the stranger have anything better to do than this? The last time I checked, political speech was protected, regardless of one's occupation. I know it is difficult for many of you, especially the amateurs that "work" for the stranger, to grasp, but, many professionals are capable of, and successful at, separating their personal opinions and viewpoints from their professional conduct. Chris Hall is one of those. Being a Cop is a job, it is not what defines a person. The human beings that are Cops are just that, not robots, and certainly not the property of the community or city. Stranger, why don't you just go back to writing articles about rubber dicks, and running ads for escorts, leave the real journalism to ...well... anyone else.
Seattle should immediately fire this piece of shit cop... he is obviously mentally unfit for service.
@59: This isn't about speech. It's about Christopher Hall's power-tripping derision for the people he is employed to serve and to protect. Nobody here is suggesting depriving anyone of his or her right to speak freely, about politics or about anything else.

Some people are asserting that Mr. Hall has, by expressing himself, demonstrated an attitude that indicates that he is not fit for the job of peace officer in Seattle. I agree. Having this man on the streets with a gun and special authorization to use it without risk of prosecution for homicide is a threat to public safety.

You seem to know Officer Hall. Are you a fellow officer?

When rednecks with badges get caught showing their asses by wagging their tongues, the cop sluts appear as the first and loudest apologists.

Smoke that pole, girlfriend.
Final solution for officers with these types of anger issues, lather them up with full military policing gear, herd them into military transport planes and fly them over to the Middle East to fight ISIS. Reasons: they love to swagger around in heavy-duty military regalia, they have a strong aversion for brown people, and they need targets onto which they can unleash their hate.
I love the lynch mob mentality of Seattle douchebags like most of the posters here. You call for him to be immediately fired from his job, simply for expressing his opinion. You claim that he is a bad cop based on a biased "article", yet you know nothing else about him. If what you wish upon him were to happen to any of you, you would immediately invoke the free speech argument, and cry and whine and try to sue. Hypocrites.

You seem to know Officer Hall. Are you a fellow officer? What can you tell us about him?
If fostering hate and supporting a culture very much out unaligned with what is beneficial to the citizens a cop's supposed to be protecting is not unacceptable to SPD,,,,,


it should be
Nothing he said should be prohibited of anyone, including a public servant. Narcing out someone's completely legitimate Facebook postings is just lazy, whiny "reporting".
I'm really uncomfortable with a world in which a selection of social media postings can get you fired because it doesn't jibe with your employer's official P.R. I don't think a person's employer should have that kind of authority, thus I don't think Officer Hall should be severely disciplined or fired.

That said, I think Officer Hall is a ticking time bomb. He obviously feels severely threatened, is captivated with the idea of force escalation, and thinks that this community is nothing but ungrateful wretches and dangerous thugs. That's a dangerous mindset for a cop to have, from a public safety standpoint. Guy needs a psych eval, stat.

You, like so many of your dimwitted kind, are once again confusing freedom of speech with freedom from reprisal.

He's free to post the full contents of his mind on Facebook; I'm certain that forum will more than suffice for the whole of it as a single tweet on Twitter would surely serve you.

He is not, however, free to speak without reprisal, especially when what he says has a direct bearing on his job in law enforcement and creates a poor reflection on the police force that employs him.

Grow the fuck up. If you show your ass or air your laundry in public, expect to be judged by the public accordingly.

If a surgeon who clearly identified himself as an employee of a local hospital consistently posted to Facebook about his hate for his stupid patients and about how he would gladly slice, dice, nip and tuck every one of them like lambs to the slaughter so long as their insurance paid him, would you think that the hospital would be wrong to suspend him or fire him?

No professional that I know is free from reprisal for statements that they make in public (that would be the OPPOSITE of PRIVATE), especially when they are easily and clearly identifiable to the public as a representative member of a particular business or organization.

Like others before you, you appear to be confusing freedom of speech with freedom from reprisal...and confusing PUBLIC speech with PRIVATE speech.
@ 65, racism should be an automatic firing offense for all civil servants. You can't serve and protect minorities when you believe they're all beneath you.
One of the screenshots includes the following: “For the record, if it turns out that Officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown while he was surrendering, then he should be prosecuted for murder. I don’t think that will be the case, but I’m willing to see it as a possibility.”

That doesn’t sound the like racist the article implies. 1st Amendment – funny that the Stranger is going after someone for exercising the same right that allows them to publish.

This is a non-story, next please.
I'd love it if cops behaving like this could get a (non-pro-forma) psych eval for anger management problems. Also a blood test for steroids or other abused substances. Pass both? OK, you like to talk big and could stand to be reminded of appropriate guidelines. Pass one or neither? Consequences ranging from ongoing counseling to dismissal, depending on severity.

There's really no excuse to have rage-filled time bombs out there with mil-surplus weaponry.
" racism should be an automatic firing offense for all civil servants"

Will there be a test? Multiple choice or long form essay?
Policing is a full contact sport, and police officer do not have the option of just walking away. Beyond good citizens and the victims of crimes , the police deal with CRIMINALS, there come in 3 types. The first type is the yes type who will comply with all commands, will cease all illegal or violent activity upon command.The second is the maybe type, it's a toss up as to whether they will cooperate, run, or fight, generally this depends on whether they feel they have an advantage over the responding officers.The third type is the no type they will always resist to some extent from harsh language and passive resistance to full on use of lethal force. When dealing with the second and third groups of criminals police have to make decisions in increments of a second to ensure they don't get injured, crippled or killed. They then are judged are supposed to be judged on the basis of their training and their view of the situation as it unfolded.All too often they are judged by media hacks, politicians with no understanding of the situation they were in ( out of ignorance or intentional political driven malfeasance), over the hill flower children, conservative who felt they didn't go far enough and "community"activists with a racial or political agenda.

Police are also citizen neither above the law or their fellow citizens, this however is a two way street. Officers have a right to express political and social as long it's on their own time and uses their own resources, for instance their computer, their face book page and so on. All citizens have basic rights under the constitution but the right not to have your feelings hurt ain't a right. Unfortunately certain segment of the citizenry seem to feel they are a group of very special snow flakes entitling them to have what they accuse the cops of having special rights and protections.

I spent some time in and around your fine city when I was younger and found it to be a fascinating place however it seem s to be making the same super charged leftist mistakes so many other once wonderful American cities have. Too bad in a few years your cops will be fully neutered, the criminals will have run of the city and the hard working citizens will be paying the price.
@72: "racism should be an automatic firing offense for all civil servants."

Nice. Now, who gets to sit on the Racism Inquisition Panel?
@71 Well, yes I would think they are wrong to suspend or fire him just for these Facebook posts. I know what the laws say, but that is just my personal opinion. It's a function of our overworked, overstressed, anti-worker labor culture that people are considered to be representing their employer 24/7 - again, this is my personal opinion that I don't agree with the current status quo.

However, I think a high degree of scrutiny is in order here, as I mentioned in my earlier comment I think this guy needs evaluation - I think something like what @74 suggests is reasonable and proper in this case. This guy clearly has issues beyond his Facebook posts that may impair his ability to do his job, and those need to be addressed.
@ 77, nice. Your inability to argue against the point that racist cops will not serve citizenry justly demonstrates your acceptance of oppression and injustice for minorities.
@77: I asked a straightforward question in direct response to your point. Don't see where inability comes into it, apart from your inability to defend your own position. But this is Slog, where misdirection, goalpost-moving, and moral preening take precedence, and I didn't expect any less from you.

Now get back on your high horse Robespierre, there are tumbrils to pull.
@ 80, "Straightforward"? Since when are loaded questions and disingenuous insinuations straightforward?

But you're onto something. On SLOG, defenders of the status quo DO shift the goalposts and misdirect (as you do @ both 77 and 80). Nice work.

Now answer the challenge: how does racism among police NOT prevent them from serving and protecting minorities? (Consider the goalposts moved back to their correct position.)
@ 81, overtly? Of course not. But like someone who always describe black people as "thugs" for behavior that is not thuggish, this officer's racism is evident in things like charging Obama with racism when there is zero basis for it. His posts are also full of all the buzzwords common to angry old cons (critcizing Obama for playing golf, justifying civilian shootings for decidedly non-capital crimes).
Make that @82.
@ 85, I think Officer Hall displays attitudes and beliefs that run deeper than a mere reaction to this one case could explain. And so far no one has alleged that Brown was armed, the prerequisite for posing a threat grave enough to justify deadly force.
Excuse me, make that Sgt. Hall.
@ 88, Earth. How about you? What planet does one unarmed youth have a chance against numerous armed cops, no matter how big and how strong he was? Here on Earth we have a perfect example of how that goes.
Actually I had to look up the case again. Per wikipedia:

According to witness reports and Ferguson police, Wilson drove up to Brown and a friend, Dorian Johnson, and ordered them to move off the street and onto the sidewalk. A struggle then took place between Brown and Wilson through the window of the police car. A shot was fired from within the vehicle and Brown and Johnson began to flee. Wilson left his vehicle and pursued them. Wilson then fired at least six shots at Brown, fatally wounding him. Witness reports differ greatly as to whether Brown was standing with his hands up or moving towards Wilson when he was shot.

So if this is accurate, it still does not support your version, Ken. You can't really beat someone to death through a car window, and fleeing unarmed poses no danger to innocent lives.
@ 91, by now you noticed what I wrote @ 90, which makes your answer superfluous. Do you have a response to @90?
BTW I'm not characterizing the officer as a murderer. The facts are not all known, as you say, and I suspect systematic causes are partly to explain why he used deadly force when it wasn't necessary (which I conclude from what is known).
@ 93, the deadly threat stopped being a deadly threat when he fled still unarmed. That's why I'm confident that the use of deadly force cannot be justified.
He was unarmed and out of reach, and as we agree the officer shouldn't have been pursuing him alone.
I never said it was an abuse of power. Do you have a goid reason for attributing arguments I'm not making to me?
* good not goid
@ Ken Mehlman You are being willfully ignorant, yet opinionated, about this incident in a way that speaks poorly of you as a person. The media have been awful about Michael Brown in a way they never would have with a white kid. The police treatment of Michael Brown's corpse was appalling. Their treatment of the community has been appalling. Even if there's some remote way in which this shooting was justified (and it wasn't, but you are obviously committed to playing make-pretend) the response has been a giant example of institutionalized racism and police ineptitude.
Political speech is not protected, regardless of occupation. Whether you're in the military, the police, or most any public service job, you can't express private views, political or otherwise, that reflect poorly on your agency or service. Any more than the employees of a private company are allowed to publicly embarrass their employer.

What that means is that if you make potentially embarrassing statements, you have to do it in a way that doesn't identify you as a representative of your employer. When a cop is making seriously offensive statements using his police rank and title, images of badges, and other police insignia, then he's representing the SPD.

If an SPD cop wants to say stupid, stupid, stupid shit like this on Facebook, he has to do it in a way that shows no connection with the SPD. Everybody in the military knows it works this way. Everybody who works at Microsoft or General Motors knows it works this way.

But this motherfucker is just too stupid to know how the rest of the world goes about their business. Half of the SPD's fuckups are sheer stupidity. We need smarter cops now.
@ 102, really? There is no evidence that he was a violent robbery suspect. That's not documented anywhere.
@ 102, further, that doesn't answer my question @ 99. Why are you attributing arguments I have not made to me?
@ 106, that's a violent robbery? Come on. Besides, you are ignoring the fact that the officer DID NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS INCIDENT when he contacted Brown.

@ 107, unjustified, yes. Where does it follow that I think it's an abuse of power? Especially guven the context of what I said @94?

I think you should admit to making assumptions about my position.
@106 The availability of that footage is an example of how fucked up this whole thing has been. First of all, it's really just shoplifting with a scuffle at the end. While that's probably robbery under Missouri's expansive definition, it's not the armed stick-up we normally associate with robbery. Second, it's not relevant, since no one has said that the officer was aware of the "robbery." Finally, and most importantly, this footage wouldn't have been released or dispersed if it weren't for the shameful urge to vilify this unarmed kid who was shot
@108 If it was unjustified, it was an abuse of power. Own it
@ 110, no. Because it could just be bad police work. Now, never tell me again what to say or think.
@ I'm sorry for telling you what to say or think. If you think that someone can take a badge, a car, and a gun, and use it so irresponsibly that they kill someone without justification, but that's not an abuse of that power, then that's your business
That was supposed to be @111. Also, I can tell you that I think that's kind of dumb
I didn't ask you what you think, pemulis, but if unsolicited opinions are the rule, I think it's kinda dumb to draw conclusions without knowing all the facts. (The ones I have drawn are from what is known.)
@114 This is a forum that does nothing but solicit opinions. Yours, mine, everybody's. if you want to tell me how an unjustified shooting by an on-duty police officer could not be an abuse of power, then I'm all ears (eyes, really). If not, that's fine too
The key phrase, pemulis, is "without justification." There may still be legal justification (in the form of official police procedure) giving legal justification for this shooting. I highly doubt it, but I won't conclude that until more is known. Abuse of power is committed by individuals. This could be a systematic problem only. I would bet that ultimately it comes down both to bad policing by this officer and systematic problems with procedures and an endemic hostility by the Ferguson PD toward the citizens they're sworn to serve and protect - but again, I refuse to jump to conclusions.

Now, unless you wish to SHOW me all the known facts supporting a reasonable contention that this was abuse of power, I have concluded discussing this with you.
@ 117, "hero cop"? For killing an unarmed, virtually non-violent shoplifter (IF that is in fact what Brown was guilty of)? Puke. You must be racist.
@116 Your words @107 were "unjustified, yes". Meaning, I suppose, that you came to the conclusion that the shooting was unjustified. And, again, if you can come to the conclusion that bad police work, endemic racism, and unjustified shootings are not an abuse of power, that is your business.

That said, I'm not sure why the phrase "abuse of power" is a rubicon that you refuse to cross
And I agree that @117 is a racist asshole
I have come to no conclusion, pemulis, other than that the shooting was unjustified because Brown was unarmed. I din't know why that's difficult to grasp.