Sher Kung Memorial Bike Ride and an Online Fundraiser for Her Baby


ugh what a terrible name for a child.
maybe next time the truck (or cops) will get dominic...
Why didn't you require registered comments on this thread? Clearly, it was bound to spawn the festering bile of idiots, per @1-3.

Sincere condolences to Ms. Kung's family. I will join the ride in spirit from a couple thousand miles away.

How about if her former law firm were to sue Seattle and Washington to force them to provide safer bicycling downtown?

Wouldn't that be the best tribute?
Especially for an evening post. Is anyone even monitoring any longer today?
nothing of value was lost last friday. that ugly cunt can burn in hell!
correction... will burn in hell.
Thank you, moderator, for restricting the comments.
Politeness is something I don't believe in, but in this case....Your Welcome, seatackled.
I understand that people feel moved to try to help, and I have some vague ideas about the expenses of child rearing, but I'm starting to find the new tradition of kick starter-style throwing money at the bereaved to be more than a little crass.

Do we know whether this is even needed or wanted by the family? The child wasn't left an orphan, and I've read nothing to indicate that the mother's tragic death will put the presumed financial pressure on the family.
Sher was a runner, too. I'm wondering if anyone will be running?
@11 - If you really want the answers to your questions, there is a link at the caring site that allows you to contact the organizer. I'm sure he would love to answer your questions and address any other heartfelt concerns you may care to share.
God this whole thing just breaks my heart. I can't imagine her partner's grief.
@11 we can only speculate (which I would argue is probably more crass than any fundraising effort). regardless, it is fairly safe to assume that most 30-something couples are not prepared for a sudden death such as this. funerals are not inexpensive, and with a young baby, it is possible that Sher's partner wasn't working. If the family can use the money, they will. If they decide that it is not needed, they can donate it to a cause of their choosing. What is the downside here?
@11 ... accounts for donations are often set up after tragedies. This is just a different way of handling it than setting up an account at a particular local bank (like they often mention on the local news)
I had heard through friends that Christine, Sher's partner, had left work to stay home with the baby for the next while, and Sher would be the primary income-earner. So, any donations will surely help cover the mortgage payment for the next few months while Christine figures out her next steps.
Thank you for posting the information. Sher was an acquaintance and I've been wanting to help, but not sure how.

@11, why don't you send a casserole or something if you feel giving money is crass? I'm sure her partner and child could use more kinds of help than just money.

Still, I don't think it's a stretch to imagine that when a very successful young lawyer dies suddenly, leaving behind a mortgage and a very young baby, it might be a financial adjustment. Her family has enough to worry about right now. I think it's wonderful that people want to help without being asked directly.
@12 the Green Lake Running Group is having a memorial ceremony/run tomorrow (Saturday) at 6:45 am:…