The Monster Art Show With the Soft Underbelly: What Happened at NEPO 5K on Saturday


Thanks Jen, for your keen observations and a nice review! And yes, Marek Stepan is that guy.
MAGGIE CARSON ROMANO's The golden Pharmakon made me do a double take, not because I did NEPO, but simply because a few days later I was riding my bike by and was like wait-a-minute, did I just see that?? Made me turn around for a second look. Nice. Way more successful than if I was expecting it.

At first I thought maybe it had something to do with the institution (a half-way house of sorts?), that somebody there had done that. But then I remembered NEPO had been through the neighborhood. Does the 'pharmakon' title have anything to do with its specific location?
The tank a burning man art car called "Tiki Tank", more info here:
What color was your soul Jen?