Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father


I saw those same two stories yesterday, and they made me cry. It's beyond belief that anyone could be so callous and cruel.
If straight homophobes really worry about gay adoption, it seems the first step would be making sure straight shitbags stop having unwanted, unplanned, neglected, abused, etc, babies.
Seriously, where do they think the babies come from?
Every child deserves a lot of things. Few get everything. What they need the most is caring and responsible parents that can guide them into adulthood.

Many children with a mother and a father suffer terribly because a 'mother and a father' doesn't mean anything unless they do it well.
The attacks from the right ignore stories like that in the same way they pick and choose what they decide to defend or ignore out of the bible.

They're a bunch of self-serving opportunists. Nothing the right says about gays and lesbians is worth listening to.
You have my full support to try and quash this BS argument, because even though I am a cis-straight happilly married male... I can't help but take offense to these attacks as I was raised by a single mother. F*** your "natural" family... I would have gladly welcomed a second parent in my life growing up, no matter their orientation/genitalia... but I didn't NEED one, because my mom rocked that gig ON HER OWN!
I love how they slipped limited government in there. So even this argument of theirs somehow comes back to not wanting to pay taxes?
Gay parents have one undeniable, significant advantage over straight parents: gay parents all CHOSE to be parents. There are no accidental gay parents - they're all intentional parents.

There are no lesbian couples who knocked each other up by accident even though they couldn't afford to raise kids. There are no gay men who got pregnant because it would make their partner stay with them or because their boyfriend pressured them into putting out or because they wanted someone who was guaranteed to love them. Gay parents don't become parents for any of the long list of terrible reasons that straight people often become parents, because every gay parent had to really want it in order for it to happen. There are plenty of intentional straight parents too, and plenty of good straight parents. But there are also lots of people who should not have chosen to reproduce (like Seattleblues). They hate gay parents because statistically, gay parents are better parents. No getting around that fact.
I'm assuming there's another advantage to gay parents--in order to adopt in most states, you have to take some parenting classes. I'm not sure that's true everywhere, but it is here in California. So if birth parents had to sit through and hear some of the responsibilities in advance, maybe they'd quit having unwanted kids, or maybe they'd learn some tips for how to not be an asshole to your kids. Not that they'd take it to heart, necessarily, but you never know.
I love how that video ends with "for limited government." The government should restrict marriage! For limited government!
@7 Hate to break it to you but gays/lesbians do sometimes unintentionally find themselves with child. It is not the standard narrative presented but it does happen and for many different reasons.

As for the every child deserves a mother and a father rant. Why is it that is seems the most vocal supports of that slogan are the same parents who toss out their gay/lesbian children? Don't gay/lesbian/transgender children deserve a mother and a father?
Yeah, a guy here in Australia, just shot his wife, three kids, then himself.
I'm sorry Dan, your son and other gay parents kids get subjected to such bigotry. More movies like " The Kids are Alright", need to be made, maybe. And keep writing about it.


You are a Moron.

Most 'Gay' parents are parenting children they had in a heterosexual relationship.

Children they had the old fashioned way, by having heterosex.


and they are just as likely to have 'accidentally' become parents as heterosexuals who did not have a mental spasm and decide they were 'homosexual'.

Take Away: You are a MORON
I remember hearing an anti-gay bigot claim that gay male couples adopted boys because we want to rape them. This was on NPR—and my eight-year-old was sitting there, listening as he ate his breakfast.

I couldn't read the rest of the post...but, as a confirmed non-parent, that alone drove the point home for me.
This ad claims "The Natural Family is under attack." Really? Most gay people just want to get married. Nobody is attacking heterosexual families. Literally nobody. The only people being attacked are gay people, for daring to want equal rights.
But we're winning, and this ad is laughable to most of America.
@10: not through gay sex. And the number of children due to "accidental hetero sex" by gay parents is statistically equivalent to zero.
(Any children they bring with them from previous hetero relationships are the result of the usual straight sex reasons and can't be blamed on gay sex.)
"I remember hearing an anti-gay bigot claim that gay male couples adopted boys because we want to rape them. This was on NPR—and my eight-year-old was sitting there, listening as he ate his breakfast."
they are not bigots. They are telling the truth.
See http://www.smh.com.au/national/paedophil…


The fact is that there are 49 heterosexuals for every one homosexual. So if all things were equal there would be 49 stories of child-abuse by heterosexuals for every one by homosexuals. But the statistics show that homosexuals are more likely to commit child abuse.

Yes. Kids from gay households are wanted kids. Which doesn't mean that none of them will be abused, but unwanted kids are more frequently abused by their parents that wanted kids. Just their parents telling them they're an unwanted burden, is already abuse.

And who treats children the most like disposable toys, but the very conservatives who think their homophobia is grounds enough to deny others the civil rights they enjoy.

Like that holier-than-though virgin-again Palin, who publicly said that her baby boy was "a mistake". Nice for her son. And not even truthful ; her baby daddy said they really had planned that pregnancy together, because she wanted to get back at her famous and absentee mother...

Now it emerges that last week lil' Palin and her sorry excuse of a conservative family were as high as a kite, and went brawling at a birthday party they crashed, bringing along the poor child. What a nice experience for that kid, seeing his mother hurl profanities and punch a grown-up, while his famous granny was yelling "do you know who I am". Disgusting.