What's That By the Side of the Road? UW Becomes Mad Campus


There is some wooden box and metal crap on Stewart, is that junk part of this? Not impressive.
"That design is a map of its own with no relationship to global directionality. It redirects your perspective, and Lynch's art reorients you. It feels so familiar to think that you're pointing in exactly the right direction when you are absolutely not."

There is also a Mad Campus Art Walk on September 28, 11 a.m.- 3 p.m. starting in Red Square where the public can meet the artists and get student-let tours of the exhibit. Should be a great free, family-friendly event for the public to enjoy! More info: http://artsuw.org/event/mad-campus-art-w…
I find it a bit aggravating that the UW's beautiful campus for a world-class institution is being infested with tacky modern "art", especially at the beginning of the year when they're about to welcome a new class of students..