Never Managed To Find Your G-Spot?


In a post where we are using terms like "clitourethrovaginal complex," it just seems wrong to also use "taint."

Anyone can feel free to use the word "perineum" anytime.
The G Spot is such a great name for a dyke bar. No man would ever find it.
"The g spot is just a sensitive area". Hasn't that always been the point?
the word needs to be simplified. How about "clurvy"?
@4 well that would help explain the bleeding gums
Thank you, Dan. My thoughts on reading the news were exactly the same as yours. So frustrating.

Also time for my requisite book plug--if you are a woman and have trouble understanding all the hoopla about non-clitoral sexual stimulation, please try The Orgasmic Diet. It helps to wake up the rest of the CUV, and helps to make standard missionary pretty damn good, along with all other sexual activities.
"The object of my affection
Can turn my complexion
From white to rosy red..."
"an Italian scientist’s recent report claims once and for all..."

When it comes to G-spot research--and lots of other things--there is no "once and for all"...give it 6 months and another "comprehensive" study will emerge with entirely different conclusions.
There have been a lot of people making the claim that it's some kind of distinct organ, so it's valuable to know it isn't.
Speaking only from experience over many years, it seems obvious that women (and humans in general) have varying nerve bundles, and frequently they are located in the upper area of the vagina, or where various "researchers" have stated their G-spot is.

This varies among women, although when they do have concentrated nerve bundles or clusters, it is frequently, although not always nor universally, in that area, therefore it is up to them and their partners to ascertain the layout, so to speak.

As people usually have slightly differing nervous systems maps, there will normally always be some variation, but that is what makes life interesting.

(And why I've spent so much time with my head between women's thighs, I guess?)
Couldn't the G-spot (a location, not an organ) be one part of a larger clitourethrovaginal complex with some women deriving more pleasure from its stimulation than others?

The bolded part is the real issue.

One of the most frustrating things I find in medical research - as someone from the 'hard' sciences - is the degree of "syndrome" phonomena. To be sure, as medical science expands and improves, the "checklist/bundle of symptoms" diagnosis fades and is replaced with more clearly and objectively defined physiologic and pathway specific pathologies. For example: "metabolic syndrome". Another classic are the "palsy" diseases. It turns out that yes, elevated cholesterol is a convenient predictive (coincident) biomarker but "coincidence isn't causation" and butter (animal fat) turns out to be a hell of a lot healthier than margarine.

Too often stuff appears in the literature that looks like the "G-spot" - it's just an area - a particularly sensitive area - which has as much variability as any other kind of human anatomy - and doesn't have a carefully, empirically (and double-blind worthy) definition. It's not an organ (as far as we know so far). I'll be much more interested in both "Squirting" (diliute pee combined with vag secretions delivered by a suddenly relaxed bladder, in my opinion) and g-spots when someone shows me a tissue stain illuminating distinct tissue types. Ditto some kind of analysis (gcms/lcms) of "squirt" that shows it's made up of pre-seminal-like fluid from the Cowpers and not just dilute urine.
i've been married for ten years and neither of us know a damn thing about the gspot. i know the clit like the back of my hand though so who the hell cares. even if it does exist i don't ask for my prostate to be rubbed and get off just fine so you girls just need to deal with your clits and vages and get over it. you don't need three.
@11 the fluid that comes out during squirting is NOT diluted urine! It smells/looks nothing like urine at all. My partners (current/past) could attest to the taste, I suppose.
If it were diluted urine, how is it I can urinate right before sexy fun times; have sexy fun times with a partner soaking the entirety of my Liberator blanket; and still have a decent amount of urine for my after sex pee? No UTI's for me, thanks.
@13 you must be a bore in bed. I say women should have as many pleasure centers as they are wired for. Don't worry if a gspot isn't something you can find, and of you do seem to have fun, explore away.
The author grossly misinterprets the referenced article.

The article essentially says that it does exist, but that it is highly variable between women.

The author is trying to make the point that people shouldn't get so hung up on the g-spot, which is true, but you can make that argument without misusing science and downplaying the very real impact that the g-spot has for SOME women.

Its almost as if the author doesn't want to acknowledge the g-spot because doing so may make some women feel inadequate.
@11/14, I've never understood the debate over whether it's urine or not. If the feeling is super-awesome (which it is for some women), then they should feel free to experience that super-awesome feeling.

Some people love enemas -- they should feel free to have lovely enemas, even if fecal matter might result.

Sure, it would be nice for Science to understand more about where the fluid comes from. But for our sex partners, what the fuck difference does it make? Does it feel fucking amazing? Then great -- do more of that!
President Eisenhower warned us about the Clitourethrovaginal Complex back in 1961. And did we listen? No.
@14 - if your urine is dilute enough, and mixed with regular vaginal sex secretions, I'm pretty sure the taste/smell is more like vag than pee. I do entirely agree @17 that it isn't ultimately important if it gives pleasure to both people.

That said: what I'm asking for, in the absence of anatomy that suggests the ability to store and then explosively release a bunch of fluid (that is, anatomy other than the urethra and bladder, which pretty much fit the bill and are in just the right location - Occam's razor and all that), is a better detector than just the human nose or taste buds to tell us what the mystery fluid is.

Maybe some spurter will donate her body to science and we'll find the secret spurter bladder alongside the regular bladder...until then, I respectfully submit that I think consensual adults should freely enjoy WS without having to pretend it's something different.
Not the first time self-important "experts" have told women something actual women experienced sexually is a myth.

Again, please stop claiming that it is urine. The research I have seen on it shows that it is an alkaline liquid that contains no urea or creatinine. The closest it appears to be is very similar to prostatic fluid in men. Chemical make up of female ejaculate does vary from woman to woman but it is not in any way urine.

Part of the stigma it gets is because people ignorantly assume it is just piss. As someone who has happily drank such orgasmic liquid I can assure you it is not piss at all. We need to remove the association from WS. We are not trying to pretend it is something else. It IS something else.

Of the handful of women I have been able to provide a squirting orgasm to all of theirs have been quite neutral in taste. As far as I am concerned, it is just water that exists in the body all ready.
@2: Well played.
@16: Bad science reporting flagrantly misinterpreting the results of an actual study? SAY IT AIN'T SO, JOE!
#19, you have no fucking idea what you are talking about.
You apparently missed the part were I urinate before and after sex. How would I have any left, if I soaked my Liberator blanket? I don't slam multiple glasses of water before sex. I do however try to stay fairly well hydrated generally.
How would I magically dilute my urine only during fun sexy times, and go back to non diluted urine every "other time" I pee?
@22.... psssst... sometimes people say false things on the internet!
Well, mine tastes like pee and if the sheets aren’t changed right away they most certainly smell like pee a day or two later. Yes, I pee a lot when I’m aroused. And then I squirt a lot when I come. And then I pee some more. Once I’ve come down and started dozing I don’t need to pee again for a while.

I don’t see why evolution would have created two different bladders, one visible urinary bladder and one undetectable g-spot bladder, to release large amounts of liquid. One obvious function of the fluid is lubrication; another is to wash out my short, feminine urethra while it’s getting knocked around and is liable to get germs in it. The first function could be filled by the undetectable g-spot bladder but only the urinary bladder could fill the second function.

If my body is deliberately ramping up the amount of fluid in my bladder when I’m aroused, it wouldn’t have to be exactly the same as urine. It’s very similar, which is not surprising, but not exactly the same, which is not surprising either.

The fluid that is not similar to urine is released by the paraurethral glands in much smaller quantities. It could be qualified as ejaculate but does not create a “gushing” experience.
nartweag @23,

Your water volume argument doesn’t hold. Your body is expelling exactly the same amount of fluid whether it is secreted into the urinary bladder or into the undetectable g-spot bladder before squirting.
@18: Dammit! I wanted to be the one to nail that!
I know gay guys are supposed to be more mature these days re: vagina's, but hearing about "squirting" still sends shivers down my spine, and not in a good way.

Glad to have my Kinsey 6 confirmed though.
@26, ummmm no.
Why does it have to be a "bladder"?
I usually can not squirt 2 days in a row. I usually need an extra day in between.
It is far more likely to be tissues swollen with this fluid. If not expelled it either just stays there or gets re-absorbed.
I do not gush all at once but in waves. Which makes sense if tissues are being constricted to create a gush. I do believe it comes out of the urethral opening, or very near it, but not from within the urinary bladder itself.
forgot to save edit before hitting submit :(

My partners can tell by feel with finger if I will be able to squirt or not. Basically feeling if the tissues are significantly engorged or not to squirt during a particular encounter.

You mention that your squirting smells like urine, that is your experience. Perfectly valid. It is not, however, the experience of all (or I would even say most) "squirters".
tkc @18 FTW.
@21 "Part of the stigma it gets is because people ignorantly assume it is just piss"

Who cares?????? Can't we all agree that if it turns out to be urine it will still be awesome? If stigmatizers are idiots, don't give in to the premise that pee is disgusting.
@25: Evolution doesn't "create" anything—you're describing it like it's a process with an intelligence behind it. It is not. It's a random "whatever works"—or "whatever doesn't fail"—proposition. Not all evolved traits have to be advantageous so long as they don't create a significant disadvantage. The human body is not the perfect logical product of a grand intelligent design, and evolution is not an intelligent design process.

If your sheets smell like piss, then that's probably because, as you admitted, you also pee on them. If I were to drool all over my sheets, and then piss on them, they would smell like piss. This wouldn't indicate that my saliva is actually urine from my bladder (or a second saliva bladder). Epic duh. Also, gross, change your sheets, or get a waterproof sex blanket (and wash it after use).

Nice derp-face avatar, btw.

@nartweag: Don't mind Allison Cummins, she's a myopic troll who likes to treat these comments sections as her own personal blog. She has a lot of opinions that are informed by her own narrow POV, but she has little to say that's of value to anyone else (as evidenced by the fact that she, like several of the other regulars here, has to ride Dan Savage's coattails to get anyone to read or listen to anything that she has to say).
Anatomically speaking, there's no secondary bladder. So get over that idea. And the bladder is constantly filling with fluid. However, any fluid that just passes through does not smell like urine, the urine smell comes from fluid that sits in the bladder for a time.

I do know that sometimes when my partner is deep inside me and I'm particularly aroused, I feel a sensation not unlike a quick piss. And an intense orgasm feels like a release in my pelvic region. A sniff of the sheets 1 hour or 1 day later doesn't indicate urine.

Either way, it feels good. Can't we all just agree?
@32 If you heard a woman ignorantly assuming that what came out of a penis during piv was piss, would you say who cares, it feels good so it doesn't matter?

I wish humans knew more about our sexual anatomy, myself.

@30 That makes sense with what I know about the skenes glands and how my body works.…

Female prostate:'s_gla…(pics and diagrams of female urogenital anatomy)

Composition of female ejaculate (it's seminal fluid without the sperm):
LOL, what 35 said.
Here's the un-shortened, correct wiki link.'s_gl…
Here's a discussion about the female prostate. Something like the 5th slide has a diagram, even. (NSFW:
diagrams of lady-junk).…
@36 can you post the correct NIH link, please? That one goes to an article on "Effects of alcohol on the isoenzymes of rat brain gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase."

Female ejaculation orgasm vs. coital incontinence: a systematic review.
Authors Pastor Z.
J Sex Med. 2013 Jul;10(7):1682-91. doi: 10.1111/jsm.12166. Epub 2013 May 1.

RESULTS: Female ejaculation orgasm manifests as either a female ejaculation (FE) of a smaller quantity of whitish secretions from the female prostate or a squirting of a larger amount of diluted and changed urine. Both phenomena may occur simultaneously.

Note: I'm not saying it's urine. I'm saying that, unlike semen, the components of FE are still being debated.
Here's another:

New insights from one case of female ejaculation.
Authors:Rubio-Casillas A, et al. 
Journal: J Sex Med. 2011 Dec;8(12):3500-4. doi: 10.1111/j.1743-6109.2011.02472.x. Epub 2011 Oct 13.

"CONCLUSIONS: Female ejaculation and squirting/gushing are two different phenomena. The organs and the mechanisms that produce them are bona fide different. The real female ejaculation is the release of a very scanty, thick, and whitish fluid from the female prostate, while the squirting is the expulsion of a diluted fluid from the urinary bladder."…

Sorry, EricaP, @35 showed the exact same link (correctly).
@44 Nice research on different orgasmic excretions. But, men can also excrete urine during sex and orgasm. I'd like to see a study comparing urinary incontinence in men and women in sex. From what little I know about anatomy, seems like a weak urinary sphincter when it happens.…

It's all well and good to say that people have to learn to deal with their own unique bodies and desires, but I also see a lot of value in investigating anatomy, esp wrt potential health risks and healthy ways to change ourselves. And just as letting go of non problems is important, so is advancing our understanding of how we work, and creating opportunities to grow the way we want. I mean, sure we should accept ourselves, but also grow and improve ourselves/pursue happiness.
I'm all for research. I get fed up with internet squabbling about how squirting is nothing like those gross eatersports.
lol -- watersports
I don't know what my liquid is made of, but it doesn't feel like I'm peeing when I squirt it, it isn't yellow, and it doesn't smell like urine, even a day later. And if my bladder is full before I start having sex I still have to pee after I've squirted.

In any case, count me in the "I don't care what it is, it feels good" camp.
@48 cute typo. Apparently, sometimes it's watersports, sometimes it's not. Although, when it contains urine it seems to be called UI. For men and women. How much of a problem that is depends on one's lifestyle, but I can see men and women wanting to improve UI. Maybe not with an artificial urinary sphincter, but collagen injections might be a non intrusive help for some. And there's general lifestyle advice that can help UI.

Does it make you upset that some people have an ick factor with pee? I think some ick is necessary for hygiene, like wipe when you pee (women back to front! men retract that foreskin!) and wash your hands and such.
@50, I really hope your mean front to back.
@51 No that wasn't a typo. It would be a common mistake for me, but what I was taught seems to be against standard advice. I think standard advice sucks for yeast infections. As long as you're thorough front to back with number 2, pressing up while wiping the front shouldn't hurt. I've never had a UTI, but I've had yeast infections with unhygienic partners and when I wasn't careful with my own hygiene. The actual incidence of increased UTI's with wiping back to front (in front) seems to be dubious. Personally I care more about yeast infections/urine introduced to vagina.

So, I guess direction is a personal choice. But wiping/retracting/shaking off should not be. So I expect some ick factor to be normal.

Not to say that watersports is stupid or anything. If people like it that's cool. I don't think it's a very high bar in sex, but I expect it to be a low bar cause I play a safe game.
@50: "Does it make you upset that some people have an ick factor with pee?"

An ick factor is fine, just don't obsess about it: parents have to deal with their children's pee; city residents encounter the smell of pee sometimes; and maybe some orgasms involve some dilute urine. Not that big a deal.

If people personally want to avoid urine, I understand and sympathize. I wouldn't date an adult baby who wanted me to change his diapers. I might walk out of my way to avoid a stairway that smelled of urine. I think it's reasonable to find watersports unsexy. It's even reasonable to break up with your squirting partner because you find her orgasms too overwhelming.

But it's not reasonable to think that everyone should find squirting disgusting if it turns out to include some urine. Squirters who love squirting should totally continue to love squirting, regardless. And (like anyone else) they should look for people who find their sexuality exciting, not disgusting.
George: "I'm supposed to be T-Bone!"
Jerry: "You could be G-Bone."
George:"There is no G-Bone."
Jerry: "There's a G-Spot..."
George: "That's a myth."
@53 I like how you said that.
@55 :-)
It's all clitourethrovaginal to me.
Everyone has doubtless moved on...I've been slow in keeping up.

@44 - thanks for the pointer to the paper and the research.
Actually, it matters when a guy tells you after the act : "you think you're squirting, er, no, lady, that is urine if I ever smelled it, the reality is that you're incontinent during efforts, and not a bona fide squirter ; not that I find it a problem at all, nothing gross shocks me in sex".

It matters enough, for that guy to not ever get another change to sample my squirt liquids.
@59, I'm thinking you were going to find him a jerk one way or another. That's just the occasion his jerkiness revealed itself to you.


But if it were to be proven that squirt does contain urine, I could have retorted "you fool, squirt always contain some urine" and that would have much helped my self esteem back then.

The jerk is not as much an issue as how despondent I felt over it. I always strive to maintain a view of myself as "not-defective" and that exchange was pretty unpleasant, because of my lack of knowledge over urine and squirt.

I can own having urine in my squirt, and I could even own being stress incontinent if my partner had felt it as an awesome sex bonus, but I'm not down to admitting that I'm so unaware of my own body that I mistake peeing for sex. So, whether squirt has anything to do with urine, is of deep positive interest to me.