Tammy Morales Announces Run for Southeast Seattle City Council Seat in 2015


Ok.....she moved to Seattle in 2000, but how long has she been in the district?
Harrell has talked extensively about creating a community college for south Seattle. Can she explain how a political new comer will make this happen? I doubt it.
First, good for her. I applaud anyone who has the courage to run for public office.

"First things first, she says: “Bruce is not the incumbent. This is a new district.”

I like that moxie.

Conlin not bothering to campaign much until Sawant had won momentum taught incumbents a lesson I doubt they'll forget. Morales's run may get Harrell to spool up a vigorous campaign earlier rather than later. I hope so, I love a good race.
Great. A wannabe urbanist who just moved to South Seattle 2 years ago already preaching about economic development and density...
Bruce has been a strong advocate on many issues throughout his tenure. In particular, his advocacy of the body camera shows his vision, understanding of technology and support for those at risk in the 2nd district. He has been advocating the body camera for probably six years (6!). Just yesterday there was this summary in The Hill of what the White House ( the one in DC) said about body cameras: The White House on Monday signaled its support for requiring law enforcement to wear body-mounted cameras after the police shooting of an unarmed black teenager last month in Ferguson, Missouri led to mass protests.

Again, Harrell was there six years ago while others were concerned about political pushback.
Why not photo story about Chas Redmond?

he's already having coffee hour chats with chas across West Seattle and south park and as former pres of the CNC he's totally a neighborhood person with credibility.

also, he's lived in the district quite some time and supported districts charter amendment putting up signs all over. what did Morales do for districts? endorse, work, donate, volunteer? just wondering.
>But that density has yet to fully materialize.
Blame the NIMBYs. How many multi-family buildings have they built near the beacon hill station? As someone with a job that commutes I would much rather take the light rail than the bus from north Seattle, but all the condos are up north.
Seriously. The city council would suck without Harrell on it. Who else has the guts to pass the ban the box ordinance? Morales sounds like another Clark. And we all know we don't need more of that.
A second for D1 coverage. Every new candidate should get a piece like this.
@8, NIMBYs have nothing to do with the lack of development around Beacon Hill station. Blame the family that owns the property and refuses to do anything with it. Neighbors supported the upzone a few years ago to enable 6-story buildings.

I know the NIMBY meme is convenient, especially for people with their heads in the sand, but it doesn't apply on Beacon Hill
Is Chas a (lesbian?)woman of color? Or a gay? If not he can go pound sand.
Seriously - the council would suck without Harrell and all his cozy corporate bedfellows?!?! She's hardly a wannabe urbanist - working in housing and urban food policy for 15+ years!!
@11 i don't think @8 has their head in the sand. more like up their a%%...
Wow. District 2 covers SoDo and Georgetown, and half of the marine Port. Yet she thinks there are no manufacturing jobs in the South End? Also, SSCC has a campus just up the street from Boeing--also in District 2. Another clueless Seattle liberal.
Ok for real? This lady has to be the worst person I could imagine for the job. She moved 2 years ago to the south end, she is rich & Jewish in a predominantly black area of the city. She runs a "urban food" scam company (you know, pretend to do public service, pay yourself instead). I don't think so.