Seattle "Lifestyle Boutique" Hosts Free (!?) Cannabis-Infused Coffee Tastings


It's a bad idea there aren't more of these! Could Starbucks be next???
i've done it before with weed butter and coffee and it was really good
You called the cops on them? You used to be cool Bethany.
2 bingers and a half pot of coffee is a brilliant way to start a Saturday.
@3: I know, right?
If you don't already know about a few cups of french press and a nice bowl on a sunday morning, you have been doing it all wrong.
# 6 for the win.
Sure, let's make delicious coffee taste like stinky ass.
FYI - Bethany the guy who shills Bullet Proof Coffee, Dave Asprey, is a total nut and con artist. He takes advantage of the credulous hacks in the 'paleo' and CrossFit movements. He purports that his super expensive magic coffee "contains low-mycotoxin coffee beans." Which is hilarious. Because nearly ALL coffee beans do. He makes bullshit claims and then half the time sources himself in his cites.

Anyway, LSS - He sells silver mesh mattress liners to protect you from "harmful magnetic fields" and all sorts of crazy deluded snake-oil.
Re: bulletproof

Or just modeled after a latte. Cannabis (~5mg of THC) is infused into organic coconut oil. This coconut oils is used as a fat source like milk would be in a latte, than blended. The coffee is also brewed via hario v60 pour over method. *thumbs up*

5mg of THC is only there to balance the effects of the caffeine in a cup of coffee in the same magnitude. A very chill "poor man's" speedball.
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There's actually a ten dollar "donation", so it's not exactly free. Kind of a bummer with the misleading headline, but that's what a nice cocktail in this city costs anyway so it's not that big of a deal.