Here Are Some Other Decibel Fest Acts You Should See Tonight



Why are you not HOT about the HOT House Party?

The HOT House Party features:

Bobby Brown
Rob Base
Young MC…

Agree on Tokimonsta & Recondite

Today is mostly EMP Sky Church for:
Sabota, Natasha Kmeto, Lusine,

(Choose 1): Anna Langley, Jumoma, The Sight Below, Henfo Negro

(Choose 1): DJAO, Manatee Commune, Max Cooper

Son Lux

Tomorrow- Alice Boman, Tokimonsta, Recondite
Um, Lee Burridge, helloooo…. He's a legend and been in the scene forever. He was spinning while all those American EDM kiddies were in diapers. Came all the way from the U.K. The fact that he's in Seattle right now is kind of a big deal.

@3 Kyle wrote about Lee Burridge in the linked piece in this week's paper. This post is about what we didn't include in that article.
Lee Burridge played at Rebar just a few months ago, twice in a year, ain't no thang.