Same-Sex Marriage Licenses Issued in Virginia, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and Indiana


I can hear the wailing of bigots everywhere. Their tears are delicious!

The Supreme Court should have taken the cases and ruled that same sex marriage must be legal in every state. Do the right thing already.
I have a dream. I collect paper copies of all their marriage licenses and slowly shove them down Karl Rove's throat until his eyes roll back in their sockets and he see's the emptiness in his skull.

The good news is I'm sure Lambda Legal and others are on the case in Kansas making sure they come into compliance with the law. It's just going to be more expensive for them to fight it. Justice will prevail in the end.

I love seeing Rand Paul and the other bigots now trying to pretend gay marriage isn't that big a deal. You lost, bigots! At least try to handle yourselves with some decorum.
Kansas has to be dragged into modern times, kicking and screaming, of course.
Always nice to see traditional marriages going on. Now that it's 30 states this means conservatives will be defending same sex marriage, right?
As for Kansas, Wyoming, and NC, they have to have a ruling, y'all. Someone has to bring suit in those cases in federal district court (not in state court, as in Wyoming), and then they can refer to their corresponding circuit's federal appeals court for the now standing precedent. Just need some plaintiffs, if there aren't already, and a ruling. I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

According to news reports, several couples that were denied licenses in KS today are already conferring with the ACLU to bring suit to force the State into compliance.
@4 - That's the trouble with mostly-square states. There's nowhere to grip them when you have to drag them forward.
Unfortunately they give us marriage equality and they take abortion rights and climate change legislation. It's like some sort of monkey paw curse with these people.
Barkeep! One highball glass full of Republican Tears, if you please!
There was a woman in City Hall in New Orleans who tried to deny lisences to interracial couples for years after Loving v. Virginia. But she lost, and the current bigots will, too.
@11 - "For years"? She should have been fired on the spot.
The Supreme Court may have destroyed Opposite Marriage in as many as 11 states today, but I'm sure the hetroseckshals will bounce back.
Colorado started issuing licenses today, too. Get with it, Slog.
@6 Actually since the Supreme Court denied cert to cases where circuit courts 4, 7 and 10 have overturned SSM laws, those cases are now binding in all of the states of those circuits -- which would mean that as soon as those circuits issue their final mandate, SSM will be officially legal in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Colorado, Kansas, Utah, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

If state officials ignore the court the court will gently remind them to shove their obstinance up their ass.…
Where is Seattleblues tonight?
@16..proposing... on his knees
Paul said it best, so I quote "Man, fuck you, Kansas."

Nancy Escalante (supervisor for marriage licenses at the court) is easily found on the internet if you search correctly. Hit her up with a happy email if you can find her address.

@15 you're correct, it is binding, but there has to be a case for it to be binding against. A mandate can be issued for any state to have a ban struck down, but there has to be a) a case in the federal system seeking the ban to be struck down, and b) that case has to be in a district in which the Supreme Court just denied cert. The cases denied cert are only precedent in the federal court system in the respective districts and states within those districts. This is why cases are being filed in the other states in which bans have not been contested in federal district court (i.e., in the article you link to, why the ACLU is filing in Kansas, and today, has had the ban struck down).