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Wow. Thanks for informing me about Jeff Triplette. I had no idea that the terribleness shown by him last night was so widespread both on and off the field.

Russell Wilson is a joy to watch, but I can't fully embrace his awesomeness (at least OFF the field) until he publicly denounces Mark Driscoll.
hi -

what does this even mean: "a sacrifice towards reclaiming agency within the hopelessness of hyper-capitalism"?
I do not think I have seen fans of a winning team so angry at referees as Seattle fans seem to get. Just wait until you have to sit through your team sucking for extended periods for the first time. It will happen if you stick around long enough.

Anyway, if you want anyone to take your "one sided refs" whining seriously, you may want to remove he clip of Brian Orakpo getting blatantly held on two occasions by Okung on that play, both of which went uncalled.

Seattle was the most penalized team in the NFL last year, something that is hard to turn around in a year. Complain all you want, but the players committed the fouls (on all three Harvin runs as well if you watch the tape), and dozens of others that were not seen and not called, just like every other game.
Nice work Spike.

Ted @ 6: I think you've been asleep under a rock. the Seahawks HAVE sucked FOR DECADES. we whinge about the refs because of the last Superbowl, because we got jobbed.
"Just wait until you have to sit through your team sucking for extended periods for the first time."

What? You're aware that you're interacting with Seattle sports fans, right? Do you have any awareness of the history of sporting success in Seattle?
This is the only way I've become interested in football. Thank you, Spike.
"I will continue to watch him officiate football games, despite the fact that Jeff Triplette is bed bugs."

Best new insult I've heard in a long time. I don't even want to continue that paragraph and give it context.
"I will continue to watch him officiate football games, despite the fact that Jeff Triplette is bed bugs."

Best new insult I've heard in a long time. I don't even want to continue that paragraph and give it context.
Awesome, I shall call them Washington BLANKS from now on.

@6 Hi. Did you just discover the Seahawks? We have had more than our share of terrible seasons and shitty teams.

The unnecessary roughness call on Carpenter was bullshit, but generally the O-line made a lot of stupid mistakes, and generally Jeff Triplette called a terrible game.

I'm starting to wonder why we keep talking about Tom Cable as if he's a top tier offensive line coach, when Seattle's line has been their major weak spot throughout the Pete Carroll era. The guy has multiple players drafted in the 1st and 2nd rounds, and everyone acts like he's a genius because he converted Sweezy from D-line to guard, but shameful performances like last night persist, and Russell Wilson WILL get killed out there if they don't clean things up.
@7, @8 I believe that Mr. Gorath is operating under the assumption held by most fans of the 49ers, Steelers, Packers, Cowboys et al (aka The Real Football Teams) that Seahawks fans all became fans during that one game in 2011 when Marshawn broke like fifty million tackles. You can usually recognize Fans of The Real Football Teams when they cite things that happened before they were born to explain why your fandom isn't as real as theirs.
Go Sounders
Haha, relax guys its a bit of trash talk. You know, that thing Sherman does that you guys fawn over.

The reason people make fun of Seahawks fans is that no one ever met, saw, or heard from one until 2011 or so, and then suddenly everyone and their fat momma was wearing a jersey. Everyone is aware that they had fans in Washington, but there were none outside the area until a few years ago, and know they are all insufferable. Especially with all the ref blaming after a win.
@13: Oh, and the penalty was called because the D lineman was already on his back, and Carpenter just kinds of dives onto his head. it is one thing to pancake block a guy, quite another to push him down and then hit him right in the head. It was the contact right to the head that drew the flag. Had he just fallen on his torso, I bet the flag would not have been thrown.

It is the kind of thing that usually will not get called, but should if we are serious about protecting players from head injuries.
Did anyone else notice the cutaway shots to the crowd that just happened to be closeups of people who look Native American cheering the Washington (racial slurs)?
Having lived in Seattle 1997-2005, I can personally attest that Seahawks fandom was very low key. The Mariners were the only game in town, judging by what people wore, the stickers on their cars, and even the special license playes they bought. Seahawk support was so low key that it came as something of a minor culture shock when I returned to Denver to see all the public support for the Broncos, which I had gradually forgotten about. You know it's gameday here by the sea of orange clothing - there was never anywhere near that much blue/green on the streets of Seattle on NFL Sundays those years. It's also been amusing to watch my Facebook news feed blow up with Seahawks support from my Seattle friends in the past three or four years - these same people posted nothing about the Seahawks five or six years ago. Ever.
@16/19 - yeah, I don't really have a sense how it was before/after outside the PNW. It's an exciting team to watch, with big stars and big personalities. I'm not surprised that they're picking up fans around the country now. We were good in the early-mid aughts under Holmgren, but Seahawks fandom definitely didn't explode until the Pete Carroll era.
I <3 you, Spike Friedman.
Having lived in the Seattle-Tacoma area since the early '80s, Matt has no clue what he is talking about.
Seahawks fans have been loud and proud throughout the State of Washington for at least the last 30 plus years, which is pretty good considering the franchise itself is only 38 years old. Of course for the first 20 some odd years we were in the AFC west slapping around Donko fans, but have found true team dominance since graduating into the NFC back a little over a decade ago.
Whether the team is good or bad, however (and it was bad for a lot longer than it has been good), Seattleites have always supported the team (not so much all the players - several previous poor performers can tell their own stories about being pelted with rotten fruits and vegetables in public places when they earned the ire of the fans). Seahawks fans have always been passionate about their team.
Ted is somewhat correct though, in that until 2004-2005, it was rare to see Seahawks fans outside of the PNW, and they have really only picked up a substantial national following among fans who had never lived in the PNW over the last 3-4 years (basically the Pete Carroll era of Seahawks football).

Go 'Hawks!
Trakar Shaitanaku
Fuck you seafucks !!!

Fuck you nfl !!!
Ya Ya whatever in a few years Seahawks fans will be just like a bunch of friends I know who gather to watch football and announce upon entering, "Hi I'm X and I'm a Browns fan. Hi X."

It is a boring, stupid and depressing game but I love the angst of football fans, mmmmmm yummm.

@ 22. Bullshit.
I love the morons from out-of-state pontificating on the Seattle sports scene. The Hawks have sold-out every home game since 2002.

People not from the Northwest probably think the 12th Man phenomenon is something new, but the number 12 was retired by the team in 1984. From the team's inception in 1976 until the early-90s it was nearly impossible to get a ticket to a Hawks game.

The Ken Behring years were lean, but I remember fans literally laying themselves in front of semi trucks when Behring tried to move the team to LA in 1996.

I think it's great that there are now Hawks fans across the nation (my nephew in Indianapolis is one of them), but if you think Seattle is made up of a bunch of Seahawk bandwagon-jumpers, you don't have a clue.
I have to support my fellow Matt. I spent the 90's in Seattle and rarely heard a squawk about the Hawks. My experience is the same--I couldn't tell it was game day from all the people wearing jerseys--and I lived and worked downtown. That's changed, hasn't it? And my FB feed also shows a mania that didn't exist a few years ago--but in all fairness, that seems to be a mania towards sports in general--the World Cup wasn't as big a deal the time before last either.

But--speaking for my brother Matt, if I may--we're not disparaging your fandom or your team. Just saying that a lot of people have gotten on the bandwagon in the last few years.

I really don't see how you can disagree with that or interpret it as a criticism--but taking an observation as an insult is something ALL sports fans seem to have in common.
This column is invaluable, and necessary, reading for the conflicted NFL fan. Spike, you're the Paul Constant of sports reporting.
@27: You know who else couldn't draw flies for much of the 90s? The New York Yankees. Fandom ebbs and flows for every team (except for maybe the Cubs, whose drunken fans live for self-pity).
Those of you talking about the '90s are cute. The '90s were the lean decade for the team. The 70s and 80s? The Kingdome was always hard to get a ticket for, the fans were noisy, and the fans were proud. People who have lived their whole lives in Seattle know this.
People who lived their whole lives in Seattle have no other sporting experiences to compare theirs to.

My fellow Matt is correct. We're not disparaging Seattle (although there's nothing lamer than boosting for someone other than the home team, as Doug celebrates). But it's not true that the whole city has always loved and supported their team the way others do through the lean times. Some fans do, but not the entire base. Telling us otherwise doesn't make it true.
Two Super Bowl rings to one.
Now who's living in the '90s?
Thanks for making my point. It's the HISTORY that matters, and with the Seahawks it's very short.
But your "history" with the Seahawks was from 1997 to 2005. The team's history goes back to 1976. Perhaps you weren't aware of that.
LOL. Maybe you should go back and read my comment again. It wasn't about the team, but the fans and their relative lack of interest when the Seahawks were just another middling franchise.
But you have no idea what you're talking about. You lived here for 8 years of the franchise's 41 year history.

Remember the NFL's noise rule? It was implemented because of the Seahawks fans...in 1985 (apparently after John Elway complained to the league that he couldn't be heard above the fan noise at the Kingdome).
And I'm sure you saw few people at the grocery store that day wearing any kind of Seahawk gear.

The fans at the Kingdome were passionate. The city of Seattle, not so much.
You're "sure", but you have no evidence. Only Facebook. Which didn't exist then.
Your Rovian attack on the thing that gives my testimony credibility is revealing, Doug. Which NFL cities have you lived in for eight years?
I lived in LA when two teams were there. So what?
The city that hasn't had one franchise in 20 years and doesn't miss it because it's a college football town? No wonder you have little basis for comparison. Outside of gang bangers and their more numerous wannabes, you probably saw as little local support and concluded that it was the norm for NFL fanbases.

My point is that I have two lengthy experiences of observation to draw my conclusions from. I was in both places during the lean times (the Broncos sucked 2006-2010) and saw which fanbase kept the faith and which one did not.
Right, because true football fans can be found in Buffalo Wild Wings in Colorado Springs. Your comment about LA football fans reeks of ignorance and, perhaps, racism.

I suppose I should be honored that you called LA a "college football town" since I'm a UCLA alum, but I'm guessing you're referring to the other college team.

And if you think having two losing seasons is five years is a "lean time", then consider yourself lucky.
You know, I think the race card has just been played. And here I am thinking it was a right wing myth. And it makes quite the juxtaposition with your stereotype. I've been to Colorado Springs only once in the past 20 years. They were more about the Air Force Academy team in those days, like any college town, but I don't know about now.

Check again. They were mediocre those years.

But I was including UCLA for sure. The Trojan-Bruin rivalry is one of the legendary ones. It was there long before the Rams or Raiders, and it's why LA didn't flip out immediately and beg the NFL for another team like Houston did.
You guys are taking trash talk way too seriously. Every fan base and team has something they get ragged on for, it is just how it works. Nut up everyone.
Two Super Bowl rings to one.
Anyway, this has dropped off the main page of Slog's mobile site, so see you in Glendale AZ.
You forgot the name of Washington. They are called the Redskins