Artspace Mt. Baker Lofts Achieves Diversity in Its Diverse Neighborhood: Yes!


The problem with saying such a facility should reflect the socio/ethnic/racial demographics of the community is that such logic cuts both ways...what happens when (and it most likely will using the current dramatic trends) the neighborhood becomes majority white?
Cities need to step up and begin funding affordable housing to attract and sustain creative people in our communities.

We need makers, artists and innovators. Without the creative class cities stagnate and atrophy.

We must invest in those who open our eyes and minds to see ourselves and our world with new and inspired perspectives.

They stir us from our slumber and remind us to live and to think differently.
The Stranger's white racial anxiety has reached the point of comedy; you can't even open a marijuana store without this weekly paper asking itself whether or not the place is black enough.

If you're trying to convince your readers that you have more than a cringe-inducingly superficial understanding of race and ethnicity in this city, then you're definitely not doing yourselves any favors with posts like this.