Federal Judge Throws Out Lawsuit by SPD Officers Against Use of Force Reforms


"With prejudice" means it cannot be refiled. Judge Pechman's decision can be appealed.
"Dismissal with prejudice" means they can't re-draft the complaint and file it again. It doesn't bar an appeal.
Yep, what ToeTag said. They can't refile but they can appeal.
Technically, "with prejudice" means "not just no, but hell no. And go fuck yourself while you're at it. Go take a flying fuck at a rolling donut. Go take a flying fuck at the moooooooooooooon!"

But these cops are dense. These cops are the densest motherfuckers you ever saw. They'll be back.
The dismissal can be appealed, but it's a pretty high bar. The judge has ruled that the case has no merit whatsoever to even be heard in court. The officers need to appeal the dismissal in order to have their case heard at all.
Now, if these cops can't perform their jobs and feel safe doing so, while following basic use of force guidelines, they should quit in protest.
oh that's the one where the lawsuit was written by the clown cops who were not lawyers and it was so amateurish it read like it was written by someone who was just using phrases and buzz words from stuff they heard while watching lawyer shows on TV. I'm not lawyer but it was even painful for me to read it was so much amateur gibberish.
It can't be appealed to an appeals court until it goes before Pechman for reconsideration. That would mean that she would have to disagree with her own dismissal and revive the case. That almost never happens. In fact, I don't know if it ever has happened.
In other words, the suit did not pass the "giggle test" - that's a very low bar.
So sad, these tools are just going to have to do their job without abusing Citizens.

These tools think they can just herd us like cattle, that we are nothing more than objects to be taken hold of, and abused...fuck them.

I encourage each, and every one of these complaining tools to quit if they are bent about not being permitted to treat all of us like shit.

@Shirtless In Seattle:
So sad, these tools...
These tools think they can just...
I encourage each, and every one of these complaining tools...
As a person with a large collection of fine tools of various description, I am offended by your insulting misuse of the word "tool".
What a bunch of degenerates! They knew what being a police officer entailed when they took the job. These cops should quit. Better yet fire them. They do not honor the oath they took. If they need more safety in their workplace they can be a goat farmer or work at Chuck E Cheese.

I feel sorry for SPD. They're just SO fucking stupid they've nowhere else to go.
@14- I don't think you know much about goats or Chuck E. Cheese.